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What’s a print company doing with a blog? Our passion is discussing print, showcasing clients, uncovering interesting applications and marketing trends. You never know what you might find, but at a minimum, we’ll seek to educate, entertain and put a smile on your face.

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Our goal is to share information that is interesting, answers your questions and helps you make decisions about the printing services you need.Have a topic you would like us to discuss? We are all ears.

The Proof is In The Printing

Who uses print marketing to grow and boost their brand?
Why is print marketing important?
Is print marketing growing?

Questions to ponder during sleepless nights (well, if you’re in the marketing department of a digital printing company!)

In all seriousness, I started thinking about these questions (and potential answers), after reading a report in What They Think,…

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7 Unique Holiday Printing Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for printing, that is!

Have all of your holiday printing needs been met? We love seeing our customers’ creative ideas, but if you’re like me and haven’t even started thinking of the holidays yet, you may need a little inspiration (or a bag…

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It Came from the Canon

In September, we unveiled a new blog series called From the Flatbed. It provides a quick overview on projects, what’s happening around Cushing, our amazing team members and so much more. We hope you’ll keep browsing and we’ll keep bringing you the latest on developments around the office and beyond.


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From the Flatbed

We hope you’re enjoying the last days of the summer. With all that’s happening around Cushing (and Chicagoland), we started thinking about ways to keep you informed. We love writing informational blog posts and spotlighting our amazing clients. We know there are times you don’t have the time to read…

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A Professional Printern

Grace Gorman started her year junior at the University of Dayton a couple of weeks ago. This past summer, she interned in the marketing department and quickly made an impact throughout the organization. We asked if she would sum up her experience and contribute a blog. 

This past summer I had an opportunity…

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Wall Coverings Continue Trending

Where did the summer go? And why was the conference room filled with architects and interior graphic designers during a beautiful July day? A continuing education course to earn AIA learning units on digital wall decor, of course! The amazing AIA Chicago team helped bring the content to their members…

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