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Less Printing, More Words

As I have mentioned I am no marketing maven, but as a provider of print and digital communications I have been much more aware of how people communicate with words. Contrary to fifty years ago, there is a pervasive shift … Continue reading

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Who Writes the Encyclopedia?

I know that this dates me, but as an early adopter of a home computer (late 1980s – Prodigy!) I was intrigued by the first CD Encyclopedia that I bought.  Instead of the World Books on the shelf here was … Continue reading

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Drawing, Drawing, Who’s Got the Drawing?

The amount of data that is collected and distributed during the construction of a building is staggering.  Not only the design sketches, but floor plans, elevations, detail drawings, specifications, code and engineering details, but the shop drawings from each discipline, … Continue reading

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Large Format Imaging – NOW

Let’s say for the sake of discussion that “large format” images are larger than 12 inches by 18 inches – bigger than the average high speed copier can print. And further, to clarify, all of the technology available for reproduction … Continue reading

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