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What’s in your glove compartment?

When the vague “paperless world” conversation pops up, I think that most people think of the paperless office, less newsprint, smaller magazines, Internet distribution of immediate information, etc.  And these things aren’t Future World – they are Here And Now.

A recent trip made me realize, though, that there is one…

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Electronic Readers – for Novels, Textbooks, or Novel Textbooks?

Back before the flood when Marshall McLuhan was muttering about the Medium being the Message, those of us in college weren’t particularly worried about technology impacting our reading material.  We bought the text books that we could afford, swapped beat up older versions of texts at the semester break, and…

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Skating, Chicago Style

We are continuing to channel the Stanley Cup win here in Chicago, and looking for ways to extend our blade gliding pleasure.

The Hancock Center is planning an indoor, winter skating rink on the 94th floor — touted to be the highest in the world!  Last year  Wrigley Field’s new owners  opened up…

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REAL Change of Seasons

The Labor Day weekend is just fading in the rearview mirror, but what a week this has been in Chicago.

Just ten days ago we were melting under ninety degree temperatures, marking time in an economic doldrums at the end of summer, looking for a change in climate – both business…

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Brand new?

A colleague of mine posted a really interesting article about service companies defining themselves in terms of protecting OTHER companies’ brands.  His point was that finding a clever way to describe the value of your service puts a new face on your company, no matter HOW mundane.

We spend a lot…

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