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Last Blast Before Fall

How did the summer get by me?!?  Teachers are prepping classrooms, the last of the vacations are ending, and the occasional cool night has the whiff of fall.  Pretty soon there will be pumpkin piles outside the garden center.

But your printing team at Cushing is planning the last Open House…

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Your Own Large Format Printer?

If you are under 40 you won’t believe this:

20 years ago you would never have had a color inkjet printer at home.  The idea that you could print in color off your laptop or print 4” x 6” photos from a phone or desktop was inconceivable.
15 years ago the cost…

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Making It Better

I have been involved in my family’s third generation business for forty years.  Our family management team currently includes three family members from the same generation. Both my father and grandfather believed a non-family member with talent and ambition would never stay with a closely held company for any length…

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Developing Emotional Intelligence

I was fortunate to be asked to facilitate a small workshop as part of the program at DePaul University for Women’s Day last week.  The program was a full day of development and learning opportunities for the women who are involved in the University — faculty, staff, support personnel, professionals…

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Window Gazing 2013

Some examples of large format graphic installations for marketing on real estate

New Year, New Concepts

Every year around this time there is “new” buzz from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas about the most recent toys to enter the consumer markets.  The CES also showcases a number of Concept Cars – ideas that aren’t actually coming to market as products this year but are…

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