Free Business Safety Signs & Reopening Resources

From the Building Safety Experts at Burnham and Professional Graphics Team at Cushing.

Our blend of Building Safety knowledge and Display Graphics got us thinking: ‘What would make us comfortable returning back to businesses?’ We developed a downloadable and printable signage bundle that includes:

  • Occupancy Placard to Communicate Safety Expectations
  • Six Coronavirus Safety Protocol Signs

Below the download form is a list of Official Guidance and links where you can request customized signage & building safety reviews.

Together, we’ll get to our future normal more quickly and safely.

Why We Put This Together
To give business a foot hold on where to start and start a discussion of what forward looks like for us all. We developed this signage package to assist Businesses and Building Operations. Displaying clear safety requirements and mindful interior signage keeps us aligned with one another, and current safety standards.

Who We Are
Cushing is a creative display graphics firm founded in 1929 and work with companies in Chicago and throughout the country. Burnham Nationwide opened in 1992 expediting construction permits nationally and adding a Licensed Building Code Group where our companies met on a project to ensure ADA compliance on signage for high-rises.

Both Chicago and Family-owned businesses, our unique needs and niche finds us conducting Lunch & Learns on required signage and building safety topics. We developed this signage package to assist business owners. Displaying safety requirements and interior signage keep your personnel at ease and mindful of good hygiene practices.

Burnham Nationwide Can

Cushing Can

Useful Covid Resources and Information

Burnham Nationwide’s extensive Construction Permitting, Building Code Compliance and Licensing background gives us unique insight to what is important to communicate to the public and Building Officials. We gathered the following sites to have the clearest directions to match company needs as business begin to open up.

Questions on these links and resources? Burnham is here: 800.407.7990 or

Official Government Resources

Disinfection/Sanitization Guidance

Building Health CDC Reopening Guidance for Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools

OSHA Guidance Restaurants & Beverage Vendors Offering Takeout & Curbside Pickup 

Construction Health and safety considerations during COVID-19

Office Environment Tips, Credit: Work Design Magazine, Gensler Office Space Insight and Anticipated Trends

Office Worker Concerns/Expectations – Recent Survey, Credit: Interior Architects