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Ballgame to Blueprint

With the baseball regular season coming to an end, it seemed like the right time to share a story. Batter up!

Last January, I was in search of one more item to complete a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Buying gifts can be challenging since I put a little pressure on myself. With the Christmas celebration just weeks earlier, I had exhausted all gift ideas.

The perfect “go to”?

Sports of course – specifically baseball. Originally from Michigan, he grew up a Lions fan, Redwing’s fan (sigh) and of course, a huge Detroit Tigers fan. Playing the game growing up, baseball was an important part of his life.

Baseball Blueprint 2

Wrapped Gift Waiting to be a Surprise

Call to the Bullpen
So began the search and lots of time browsing the web and making calls.

And there it was; I stumbled upon a Tiger Stadium Blueprint. Sound familiar? Cushing started as a blueprinting company in 1929.

Tiger Stadium closed in 1999 and the team now plays home games at Comerica Park in Downtown Detroit. Why did I choose Tigers Stadium over the Comerica Park?

A couple of reasons.

Fond memories of the old stadium—growing up watching games with his dad, he loved everything about the park.  His father pitched at Tiger Stadium in a Michigan High School All Star Game! And would pull him out of school every single opening day  –  and they always brought their gloves.

Also, the way the ballpark was constructed, you had a great view even from the nosebleeds.

On one particular visit to Detroit (after eating at Slows Bar Barbeque – yum!), we drove by the now empty, abandoned lot where Tiger’s Stadium once proudly stood and I couldn’t help but notice the melancholy feeling that came over him. Although he enjoys catching games at Comerica, there is nothing that can’t compare to the old stadium.

Similar to Fenway and the friendly confines of Wrigley …

Full Count

OK, back to the blueprint.

While not the typical gift (tie, anyone?), I thought it would fit well in a home or office.

Being in the AEC industry, he appreciates architecture and is familiar with construction drawings. Evoking the nostalgia of midcentury architectural plans, the illustration lays out details of Tiger’s Stadium. It came with design specifications, highlights,  interesting facts and games statistics.

Framed Blueprint

Framed Blueprint

Location:  2121 Trumbull Street Detroit, Michigan 48216

Broke Ground:  1911
Opened:  April 20, 1919
Construction cost: $300,000
Architect: Osborn Engineering
Capacity:  Seating capacity started at 23,000 and expanded to 52,416 in 1934
Closed:  September 27, 1999
Demolished: June 30, 2008 (began)
September 21, 2009 (completed)

  • July 18, 1921 Baby Ruth hit what is believed to be the longest home run in history. It cleared the right field roof and landed on the far side of the street intersection. A distance of 575 to 600 feet on the fly
  • The stadium hosted the 1941, 1951 and 1971 MLB All-Star Game
  • It was the site of six World Series games


It is printed with acid free ink on 100% recycled paper which gives it the vintage look. It also came framed in black poplar acid-free wood and finished with Plexiglas.

Cushing can do something like this in house so maybe he will get a Comerica Park print in the future!

I saved it for last and soon as he opened it he was thrilled. The combination of baseball with architecture was so unique. He spent the next 30 minutes reading and looking at all the details of the print; we almost missed our dinner reservation.

I’d say the gift was a home run!


Valerie Solver

Valerie is Cushing’s Senior Marketing Coordinator and has been with Cushing over five years, starting off in the Accounting Department, ultimately deciding to major in Marketing at DePaul University. The Problem ‘Solver’ manages Cross Media Campaign development among other duties. Out of the office, Valerie is doing yoga, trying out new restaurants, spending time among family and friends while enjoying the city life. Click here to see her Google

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  1. Linda Nine  

    How much is this blueprint of the old Detroit Tiger Stadium framed. I would like to get one for my husband.

  2. Catie Duffy  

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your interest in this project! Our sales team would be happy to assist you with pricing. You can fill out our quote form here https://www.cushingco.com/request-a-quote/ or email them at Quote@cushingco.com

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