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Brand new?

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A colleague of mine posted a really interesting article about service companies defining themselves in terms of protecting OTHER companies’ brands.  His point was that finding a clever way to describe the value of your service puts a new face on your company, no matter HOW mundane.

We spend a lot of time at my place searching for the perfect ten words or less answer to the question What Do You Do at Cushing?  My favorite is We Are Solution Providers! But that is sometimes too broad.  One thing that we are NOT, certainly , is Just Printers because printed material is no longer the most effective way to manage communications over the life of a project – the immediacy of web-based communications, smart phones and IPads beat the fax machine every time.  Instead of keeping rolls of documents safe, we archive and distribute digital assets, imaging them when needed.  But that REALLY doesn’t fit the ten words or less mantra.  Managing design, engineering and building information?  Big pictures of pictures?  Graphic information and fulfillment?  Feel free to comment!

Cathie Cushing Duff

One of the third generation membership owners at Cushing, Cathie has been active in the organization since 1975. A graduate of the University of Toronto (St. Michael’s College) she attended the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Illinois School of Business. A Past President of the North Central Reprographic Association and International Reprographic Association, she has served on the ReproMAX Association and Chicago Family Business Council Boards. When not exploring print and digital communications, her passions are family, knitting and crocheting. Visit Cathie’s Google + profile.

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