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Giving Back In The Big Easy

What is that phrase? …

“Choose a profession that you love and you’ll never work another day in your life… “

You know what I mean…

Giving Back In The Big Easy 2 Sanding Tiles

Installing Tile


I think it is crucial to do what you enjoy and there should be passion for what you are accomplishing, above and beyond the job you perform.  I tell employees it’s great if you love what you are doing, what you are accomplishing, but it is crucial your work be a means to an end.

Giving Back In The Big Easy 3 Instructor Leading the Group

Learning a Lesson

It should help you go out and do the things you love.

Jobs change, companies change.

Giving Back In The Big Easy 4 Group Listening to Instructions

Joe With The Volunteers

We’re all passionate about the things we love, right?

Of course, I love many activities: vacations, nice dinners, parties, concerts and spending time with my girls.  And I have found a group of kids from our town (Park Ridge) that puts so much energy into their group retreats and service trips, I set aside a week each summer to provide service to communities in need.

Giving Back In The Big Easy 5 Group Posing in Jackson Square

What a GREAT Group!

Although the work itself is not always the passion, the energy from the group and our clients are most significant, and provide the greatest reward for all of us.

Giving Back In The Big Easy 6 Cleaning up

Doing Great Work

This year we took off over Memorial Day weekend to New Orleans & Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

People do not realize that last August, Baton Rouge took in three times larger, by rainfall volume, than Katrina did, twelve years ago.

The big difference with Katrina was that dams in New Orleans breached to flood the lower 9th ward of New Orleans.

Giving Back In The Big Easy 7 Group Tiling


Today, there are still homes recovering from the flooding that took place in Baton Rouge, and sadly, many victims of Katrina who are still hurting from contractor fraud, poorly rebuilt homes, or victims who lost all their insurance money to con artists, and in need of help.

Giving Back In The Big Easy 8 Sawing

Getting the Job Done Right

The St. Bernard project of New Orleans was founded by two Good Samaritans from the northwest, who went down to help cleanup Katrina, and realizing the need for organization, expertise, and consistent follow through of the catastrophe efforts, never left.

Giving Back In The Big Easy 9 Group on Porch

Helping Hands, Smiling Faces.

With the guidance of SBP employees and volunteers, we joined in on the rebuilding of new homes and the cleaning, mold remediation, and rebuilding of homes of the less fortunate victims.

Giving Back In The Big Easy 10 Masks

Ready to GO!!

Probably the most compelling stories each night, during our regular discussions, were the stories about the victims themselves sharing their appreciation, their incredible message of hope and expression of how fortunate they were!

Giving Back In The Big Easy 11 Cafe Du Monde

Celebrating a Job Well Done!

Very compelling for sure, and the energy that it gives our crew (each summer) is the fuel that keeps us driving, working and smiling.   We went to Bourbon Street and didn’t even have a beer! 

Giving Back In The Big Easy 12 Group Photo

See You NEXT Year!

It wasn’t needed and I was absolutely exhausted, trying to keep up with 19-year old’s who loved each and every day more than the previous one!    

Joe Cushing

As Cushing’s Executive Vice President, Joe Cushing, oversees the management team and leads the overall direction of the organization. Joe has served as ReproMAX Chairman of the Board and is active in the Society for Marketing Professionals (SMPS) Chicago Chapter. Joe supports numerous charities, and serves as the head of City of Hope’s Construction & Real Estate council (and received City of Hope Spirit of Life Award in 2017.) Joe plays an integral role in ACE Mentor Chicago.  He provides insights on wide format, the Chicago business climate and industry trends.



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