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Which Came First? The EGG Print or CAD Color

Versatec Electrostatic Plotter

In 1991, when our very first plotter was on the fritz, we called in our repairman to give it one last hard look. Our 36 “ Versatec electrostatic plotter was not well; and, after three years of late nights messing with the humidifier, plastic…

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New Development Concepts Spur Growth in the Near North

The rumbling about developing more community base commerce in the Cabrini Green area of Chicago is growing into dialogue.  In an article in the Chicago Sun Times some of the issues regarding this project are clearly outlined. 

For a developer to link an owner with the concept of developing on government…

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City Elections Winding Up

For those of us in the Chicago area, local elections are not a one time event.  Since our Mayor and Aldermen have to be elected by a simple majority, and any number of successful petitioners are allowed to run, the “big” election often results in identifying the participants for the…

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Roots of REAL Green Construction Material

Along with other markets, Chicago is home to one of the emerging green collar industries in construction materials. I think that you will enjoy this interview!

Feeling the Thaw

Although spring is quite a way out, this week marks what feels like the beginning of the thaw in Chicago.

The giant snow walls left by the blizzard of Groundhog Day are shrinking and turning a dull grey.  Pavement is clear on streets that were caked with buried cars last week,…

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Electronic Readers – for Novels, Textbooks, or Novel Textbooks?

Back before the flood when Marshall McLuhan was muttering about the Medium being the Message, those of us in college weren’t particularly worried about technology impacting our reading material.  We bought the text books that we could afford, swapped beat up older versions of texts at the semester break, and…

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