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Enter The Purly Gates

Purls, landing pages, QR codes… have you entered the realm of science fiction? If you have ever thought about multi-touch marketing and growing your business, it’s time to step inside the ROI (return on investment) zone.

Toys to Avoid Noise

Smartphones, handheld devices, library books (OK, we threw in that last one…

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Bringing your Vision to Life

As the Director of Information Technology at Cushing, I instill upon our team a fundamental principal:  our mission is to get the right information to the right people when they need it.  This is vital not only for the internal operation of our company but, just as importantly, for helping…

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New Year, New Concepts

Every year around this time there is “new” buzz from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas about the most recent toys to enter the consumer markets.  The CES also showcases a number of Concept Cars – ideas that aren’t actually coming to market as products this year but are…

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Less Printing, More Words

As I have mentioned I am no marketing maven, but as a provider of print and digital communications I have been much more aware of how people communicate with words.

Contrary to fifty years ago, there is a pervasive shift to delivering information in shorter and shorter bites, whether or spoken…

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Loop Welcoming Home Grown Business

I understand the City’s desire to attract high profile out of town tenants to take up residence in our downtown area – good economics, great transportation, improved visibility for the tenant, etc.  But as we all know many of these attraction campaigns can result in tax breaks and other concessions.


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