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Don’t Let Business Flyer By

I need a haircut. We’ll come back to that.

At a print services company, you start seeing flyers, menus, banners and books differently.

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Sort of the way Neo sees computer code in the Matrix.  Projects appear in a flurry of Matte, CMYK and Crop Marks – as terms from some grand print glossary.

It comes together as the language of latex printers and flatbed majesty.

Enough printastic’ prose, where is this headed?

I was at a crossroads (literally, was standing at Washington and Wacker Drive).  A guy handed me a $3 off haircut coupon.

Email, Search, Social Media – the list goes on like a Twitter feed. In 2014, there are so many ELECTRONIC ways to reach new customers (hey, we do it too).  Meanwhile, here was a human being handing out print flyers on the windy corners of Wacker Drive.

Did I mention the stylist I preferred was booked up for weeks?

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Print Offers Numerous Messaging Opportunities

By the way, he was a great salesman.

  • Asked me the last time I had a trim
  • Knew a short biography of the owner
  • Rattled off several services beyond haircuts – shaving & shoe shines
  • Provided directions once INSIDE the building (shop is on the 15th floor of the Lyric Opera House).
  • Something about razor types the barbers use? Forgive me, forgot that detail.

Blue, a bit tattered, I kept the coupon – dropped it on my desk. Next, it went into my drawer. Weeks went by and my wife wondered if I was letting what was left of my hair grow out.

When I hear print may not be an effective means to reach new customers, I wonder how long that person has been living under a rock. Marketing and messaging, is of course, part of the larger equation.

Be it Red Eye in the morning or 4” x 6” Happy Hour flyers for that new restaurant I pass walking back to Union Station, print is a mainstay – not a day goes by where printed collateral is NOT part of the equation.

Don't Let Business Flyer By 3 Author Coupon

Printed Coupon

Add in a personal pitch and you may just earn a new customer.

The coupon?  Just pulled it out of my desk drawer.

My appointment? Scheduled for next Monday with Sal.


What are your thoughts on connecting with potential clients this way? Drop your thoughts in the comments box. We want to hear from you!

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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