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Convey Vital Information with Color EGG (Engineering Grade Graphics) Prints

We hatched up a catchy name but the fact is color creates efficiency.

Color EGG Print Example
Production Color or EGG Prints

which would you choose?

If given the choice, today’s design professionals would rather convey information rich drawings in color. Why would you want to leave anything to chance? Construction mistakes are costly and time is valuable. Cushing uses the latest technology to produce your full size or half size color construction documents economically at production speeds.


Increase Understanding

Color increases the understanding and retention of your printed material by an average of 65%

Highlighting key information in color can reduce search times and errors by as much as 80%

Better Documentation

BIM software and IPD initiatives require better documentation to aid in the swift decision making process. Shorter time frames and increased collaboration increase the necessity of having a sound understanding of all your pertinent information. When you need to print, color helps minimize risk.

“We really appreciate Cushing! We've had several projects that had ridiculous deadlines that you guys met each & every time. I love the great use of technology like uploading our files & how you look over our plots & give us a call if any of our files don't show correctly. Your office has done this without knowing anything about our project, submission requirements or anything. You just took the time to look. Amazing! Your office truly understands that engineering firms like ours depend on flawless submissions of detailed plans.”
Full Size Color Prints

For Your Project Trailer

That reference set of drawings residing in the job trailer? It is used by every subcontractor on the project team. Given the cost of mistakes on the job, why not keep one of your sets in color on the job site at all times? This can be a cost effective method for sharing details in color without having to buy everyone a printed set.


The Electronic Set in Color

Do you need help storing color images?

Using EDM (Electronic Document Management) tools, you can store electronic files in our Document Fulfillment System in color, and view them on computer screens or notebook devices. It’s a very efficient way to store color images and in the event you need the occasional print, place a color plotter from Cushing On-site in the job office, and plot those occasional sheets in minutes {LINK}. Print only what you need, when you need it, while maintaining the most vital information and details in color to reduce costly mistakes.

Consider Color

Another more traditional application for the use of color prints is owner review meetings. You can bring clarity and understanding to the eyes of the reader with the use of color. Why not use color?

Mixed Sets are Practical

At Cushing, we can produce sets of your mixed originals with the critical sheets printed in color. There are many opportunities to avoid errors and save time with color printing. We’ve been providing production color for some time. We fondly refer to color engineering grade graphic prints as “EGG Prints”. Whatever you choose to call them, you’re certain to get great looking prints at affordable rates. Consider:

  • Coordination drawings
  • Meeting reviews
  • Space planning
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Extremely critical details or MEP drawings
  • Electrical and mechanical takeoffs
  • Railway and signal plan sheets
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