It's Time To Collaborate in Color

Even if you are keeping:

One single set of your drawings in your project trailer! 

Color is Clarity

When it comes to your construction drawings, wouldn’t it be helpful to have an effective method for tracking costs for changes and proper estimating? Estimating times are getting shorter and shorter, as details change, communication is key and any incorrect interpretation of information can delay a project, or cost you thousands.

Why Use Color? 

·         Cost-effective.

·         Saves Time AND Money

·         Reduces Cost.

·         Minimizes errors.

We know once you’re on a worksite or trailer, you need drawings that deliver clarity, especially if a drawing is revised.

Color is the key.

Owners comments turn into to last minute changes. Everyone is supposed to work off the most current set, but people are busy and notes coming through email can be delayed or missed.  Adding color to drawings reduces errors, prevents mistakes and saves time.  Most designs start in color on a computer screen.

Why not add it to your drawings?

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Why Choose Cushing for CAD Color?

Since 1929, Cushing has cultivated deep roots in the AEC industry, in Chicago and beyond. Longstanding team members have experience with quick turns in estimating, and understand when you are on a job site, time is precious.

We’ve been on job sites and delivered orders after hours. Count on Cushing. They know your industry and the importance of deadlines. Keep scrolling to meet team members who have been serving you for over ten years.

Meet Diane

Diane knows color and it shows!

Cushing veteran, she has been with Cushing over fifteen years.

Add Color With Our PageWide

We are proud to offer the power of the Pagewide 8000 XL for your drawings!

More information on this PageWide equipment.

Meet Erik

Erik Reczek has been assisting clients, cutting his teeth on the Cushing production floor and has overseen detailed projects for a decade.

Happy Printing Services Customer Marlene Lee of Mercy Hospital
“Thank you Erik and TEAM!!! You guys came through yet once more.”
Meet Jorge

Jorge Galvan, Sr. Production Manager, has been on the job sites, visiting design firms, he may have even trained you how to set up plot files (& hooked up your modem!.)

He has been helping meet customer deadlines for almost three decades.

“The equipment Cushing has placed in our office raised the bar for what we could produce in-house. Throughout installation and upkeep, their team has incorporated our existing processes and helped us improve the workflow, giving us exactly what we need to support ourselves and our clients.”
Meet Mike

Mike Sherkey has been instrumental in helping contractors, engineers and architects across Chicagoland.

You might see him for a meeting in the office or the jobsite.

‘Sherk’ has been with Cushing over 24 years.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Bridges is your go-to customer service representative. In a crunch or general questions on CAD color and capabilities, she can assist with rush orders.

10+ years here at Cushing!

EGG Prints CAD Color Line Work - Pricing
1-49 SqFt  $1.50
50-99 SqFt  $1.20
100-250 SqFt  $1.00
251-500 SqFt  $0.90
501-1000 SqFt  $0.75
1001-1999 SqFt  $0.65
2000-4000 SqFt  $0.50
4001+ SqFt  $0.45
Two Color Line Work - Pricing
1-49 SqFt  $1.10
50-99 SqFt  $1.00
100-250 SqFt  $0.80
251-500 SqFt  $0.60
501-1000 SqFt  $0.50
1001+ SqFt  $0.45
Colorwave 3D Graphics and Heavy Coverage - Pricing
1-49 SqFt  $3.45
50-99 SqFt  $3.00
100-250 SqFt  $2.75
251-500 SqFt  $2.20
501-1000 SqFt  $1.95
1001+ SqFt  $1.60
Monochrome Sets In A Print - Pricing
Sqft $.30
May We Answer Any Questions on EGG Prints?

Square foot pricing is more competitive than ever before.

Contact us today and add color to your drawings for accuracy, time savings and more.

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