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City Elections Winding Up

For those of us in the Chicago area, local elections are not a one time event.  Since our Mayor and Aldermen have to be elected by a simple majority, and any number of successful petitioners are allowed to run, the “big” election often results in identifying the participants for the…

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Feeling the Thaw

Although spring is quite a way out, this week marks what feels like the beginning of the thaw in Chicago.

The giant snow walls left by the blizzard of Groundhog Day are shrinking and turning a dull grey.  Pavement is clear on streets that were caked with buried cars last week,…

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Quick Election Comment

I attended a luncheon today at which Carol Marin was the guest speaker.  As a political reporter her topic was, of course, on the election results this week, and she announced (before the Associated Press announcement) that Governor Quinn had been reelected.

In response to one of the questions about how…

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