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Developing Emotional Intelligence

I was fortunate to be asked to facilitate a small workshop as part of the program at DePaul University for Women’s Day last week.  The program was a full day of development and learning opportunities for the women who are involved in the University — faculty, staff, support personnel, professionals…

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Enter The Purly Gates

Purls, landing pages, QR codes… have you entered the realm of science fiction? If you have ever thought about multi-touch marketing and growing your business, it’s time to step inside the ROI (return on investment) zone.

Toys to Avoid Noise

Smartphones, handheld devices, library books (OK, we threw in that last one…

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Having Holiday Fun

One thing that the long recession left us all with is the reality that we have to make our own good times.  And that doesn’t always mean having more money or “stuff”.  Good friends, valuing the relationships that have carried us through, enjoying sharing time and talent when the treasure…

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What IS Going on in Chicago?

The Good Old System breaks down in labor dispute in Chicago

Following the Hoof Beats of the News

The decrease in ad revenues for traditional print newspapers is not exactly shocking news, but I recently read an overview article that details the dramatic turn that those revenues have taken.

The article points out that the industry is still huge ($20 billion) in terms of revenues but not in terms of…

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Website Redux

It’s an exciting day around Cushing!  We are getting ready to re-launch our website with our very own Cross Media Marketing campaign.  What we have learned about these new concepts is extremely energizing and the climate around here is definitely heating up – despite cold winds and a few flurries.


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