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Our 132 Words

Last spring while visiting my nephews’ school for their annual open house, I was taking the usual tour down hallways lined with construction paper and Elmer’s glue masterpieces (sound familiar?).

Breezing by the classrooms, you could catch a glimpse of the hectic fun & games that come with elementary school activities.…

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No Shaw Thing

Although the Stanley Cup Final is in the rearview mirror (and the 2014 season is almost here!), it felt like the right time to present the first in a Hat Trick of print stories from our self-proclaimed Matt-of-All-Trades, Matt Cushing.

It also keeps us from having to listen to him complain…

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Last Blast Before Fall

How did the summer get by me?!?  Teachers are prepping classrooms, the last of the vacations are ending, and the occasional cool night has the whiff of fall.  Pretty soon there will be pumpkin piles outside the garden center.

But your printing team at Cushing is planning the last Open House…

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Having Holiday Fun

One thing that the long recession left us all with is the reality that we have to make our own good times.  And that doesn’t always mean having more money or “stuff”.  Good friends, valuing the relationships that have carried us through, enjoying sharing time and talent when the treasure…

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What IS Going on in Chicago?

The Good Old System breaks down in labor dispute in Chicago

Olympics in the Chicago Rear View Mirror

Wishful ruminations on the loss of the 2016 Olympics