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Collateral Leads to the Close

Why do businesses use print?

We’d love to think business owners wake up each morning, chomping at the bit to order a thousand tri-brochures or install privacy film in a dozen conference rooms. It’s probably hardly the case, though, right?

Projects are not ordered on a whim. They are driven by goals and purpose.

It’s a real estate development firm putting the finishing touches on a re-brand, or a food distributor seeking new customers at a trade show. Graphics facilitate client connections. In this new series, we’re talking to businesses about how and why print graphics make an impact on marketing and sales efforts.

At times there is talk print is dying, arguing marketing materials are for an older generation. The reality is recent studies show up to 63% of millennials, making a purchase, after being influenced by a mail piece. Younger generations might be the driving force behind newspaper use. Your customers and potential clients are ripe for engagement.

Print Drives New Digital Business

Kyle Deming is the co-founder at Wojo Design, a full-service digital agency in Chicago. An entrepreneur, web developer, and digital marketing expert, he’s also a proponent of using print to grow his business. After a recent positive experience ordering proposal books, Kyle shared his experience on our website and left a Google Review. He specifically mentioned how they helped close the business, and we wanted to know more.

Collateral Leads to the Close 1 Kyle Headshot for Blog

Fun fact: Kyle spoke at Cushing’s open house back in 2013! He presented on digital marketing techniques and trends.

Wojo Design Spoke at Cushing

How is print collateral contributing to the Wojo Design sales process, and leading to new client work? Kyle was kind enough to share insights.

JD: Thanks for talking with me today, Kyle.

KD: Sure thing, happy to discuss our experience.

JD: Hoping we could talk about how you use proposal books during a project pitch to win business?

KD: While case by case – it really depends on the client, meaning: is there a significant opportunity here? For example: is this the type of client that can help us reach a new echelon of work? Proposal books come into play for critical meetings. It helps us make our best efforts to move forward with a prospective client and ask for the business.

Collateral Leads to the Close 2 Kyle Deming On Proposal Books

JD: How do you decide when to use them?

KD: Like many businesses, we need to be mindful of investment – not just the budgeting for payment; it takes time to design! Most times we bring them to local meetings (in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.) For out-of-state prospects we usually review proposals online. However, we might experiment with shipping proposal books to prospects that are not local.

Wojo Design Proposal Book

Wojo Design Proposal Book

JD: What is the impact of the proposal books in these meetings?

KD: There is no doubt it creates conversations. What’s contained in the proposal books are the focus of the meeting. We review it together and answer questions. The dialogue gets us closer to winning the business. It’s also something tangible for after the meeting – the leave behind keeps us top-of-mind, adds a level of professionalism and helps for follow-ups.

Just about every client mentions the quality and look of the books. It makes a difference.

Collateral Leads to the Close 3 Kyle Deming on Project Quality

JD: Are you able to discuss, approximately, how much business has been generated?

KD: We’ve closed about two thirds (2/3) of our meetings since we began using the books. While a smaller sample size, it makes an impact and we only expect the number to grow. For business we don’t close right away, the presentation books can lead to follow-up meetings.

I want to point out it’s not just a matter of closing rates; the books are helping us close some of our best and highest quality projects. It has been a part of growing our company and brand.

Collateral Leads to the Close 4 Kyle Deming On Growth

JD: has it helped Wojo Design stand out from the competition?

KD: Absolutely. Frankly we’re a smaller agency, and in a city like Chicago, we’re always thinking of ways to differentiate. These proposal books have helped us to land new work – larger brands – not just big projects, but companies that will help us grow and sustain the business.

How about you? Let us know how you use print collateral to create new customers. Or do you want to know more about a specific print service (environmental branding, banner stands etc.) and the direct impact on business growth? Share in the comments and help us shape the next article!

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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