COVID-19 Safety Signs

Cushing offers COVID-19 signs that share important messaging and hygiene practices.

Learn more below.

Floor Graphics for Social Distance

Floor decals and signs keep Covid social distancing from getting complicated. 

Help guests and patients stay healthy.

Use decals on elevator floors to keep people Covid aware.

Graphics are able to withstand ‘wear and tear’ and help people to social distance when visiting space.

Social Distancing Floor Decals in Elevator
Workstation Shields

Acrylic workstation shields are an efficient way to keep people safe and clean.

We have these available right now!

Stop and Wash Your Hands

Share healthy messages

Stop the Spread of Germs

Keep People Aware

Banner and Signs

Many Options Available

Pop Up Hospital Bed
Pop Up Hospital Rooms

Sterile and private, printed temporary hospital beds turn conference centers and hotels into treatment centers.

Xanita board is easy to set up. Rooms can be set up in about 30 minutes.

See a Temporary Hospital Space Put Together

Xanita Board for Temporary Hospital Spaces and More

Use Xanita board in office spaces, hospitals and so much more!

Quick Set Up

We are in this together. Share awareness around the Coronavirus. Keep your team and guests safe.

Signage encourages people to:

Wash their hands
Practice Social Distancing
Stay Safe


Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Install social distancing graphics that keep people at a safe space apart.

Different colors and options available.

Help People Stay Safe

In response to Covid-19 we can help you communicate these safety messages.

Reminding people to wash their hands goes go a long way.

Lia Jones at CBRE
“Cushing delivers an unmatched customer experience. The team acts as true partners, not only delivering superior quality materials: they are problem solvers and life-simplifiers. They value their clients’ success and go above and beyond to ensure top quality and experience.”
Choose From Templates

Choose from pre-built options. No need to send files.

Pick your safety sign, place your order and we’ll print it. We offer a suite of safety signs that easy to install and perfect for being positioned in highly visible areas. Material options include coroplast, foam core and ultraboard. Download options, complete the PDF and send to our team:

Download PDF of Options

Large Graphics to Get The Word Out

We can also help share large messages.

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