Cross Media and Marketing Efforts

Over 70% of marketing professionals report generating leads for business development and driving sales among their most pressing challenges.  This is good news.

Why? Because there are several tools to keep your business development team in close contact with prospects…

You have a wonderful opportunity to convert your marketing program into a reliable, measureable lead-generating exercise.

It also creates massive opportunity for your marketing to evolve.

Cross media communications from Cushing can provide all of these things.

Why Marketing Executives should consider adding cross media to their promotional efforts?

  • Inject Life into Your Database Find out if former customers are paying attention. Pull a list of clients who have not ordered in a year (or two or three) and send them targeted content. This could be a company update, introduction of a new contact or any special promotions you are running.
  • Analyze Your Marketing Efforts in REAL TIME Receive automated triggers (notifications to inform you if a prospect clicked.) They help you understand if your article, blog posting or infographic attracted attention.   You can then send this qualified prospect to your sales team.
  • Analyze Historical Data – Impact Future Promotions Track campaigns over the course of a month, weeks or a year. Determine which efforts work and what needs improvement.  Determine trends and content ideas that keep your editorial and promotional calendars bursting with targeted content.
  • Support Your Business Development Efforts When you call a prospect, you have mere seconds to make an impression (and keep them on the line). BEFORE they follow up, your sales representative can see what a prospect clicked, when they clicked and use the data to start conversations. AND schedule appointments.
  • EACH lead your marketing efforts generate is warm. When your sales team is able to contact people who engaged your content and marketing effort, it is one less cold call your team needs to make.

Sound good? Now that you have some ideas on how cross media can complement your marketing efforts. Here are some ways to share your message:

Email Newsletter Blasts
Currently sending an email blast to customers and prospects?  This is ripe with opportunity. You can automate triggers so salespeople are informed when their prospect clicks, creating an ideal scenario for follow up phone calls. Not sending a blast? Ask us how we can help.

Print Collateral
Enhance your small or wide format printed material with tracking features so you know who engaged. These include vanity domain names, tracking phone numbers or SMS text messaging.

PURLs (personalized URLs)
There is a lot of marketing noise your potential clients face every day. Use a personalized URL to provide a custom marketing experience just for their benefit. How does this work? A PURL literally builds the prospect name into the marketing. For example:

Need assistance with one campaign or a series of newsletters? No problem, we can help.  No matter your industry or professional level, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

  • Are you a small business owner seeking to get your marketing efforts started?
  • Seeking ways to generate more leads from your existing database?
  • Curious how to get started with developing content and tracking click activity?

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