Cross Media Marketing Terms & Definitions

If you’ve ever wondered the meaning behind cross media industry “buzzwords,” here’s a list we developed to clear up confusion. If you would like more information on how Cushing can be a partner in launching your cross media campaign, drop us a line, or give us a call. Our professional staff is ready to assist and answer any questions.

Landing Page
  • A page (or set of web pages) visitors see when clicking the campaign URL (this may have a specific offer, promotion or a series of survey questions).
  • Specific pages within a landing page are defined by the blueprint.
  • A campaign consists of a landing page, as well as the direct mail file (if applicable) as well as follow up reporting and results. A typical campaign consists of a direct mail piece and two timely follow up emails. Data collected includes (but is not limited to) social media interaction, survey completion, the number of purl’s visited during the campaign. Campaigns can be customized to collect an assortment of customer details.
  • Defines the pages, features, and reports of a campaign and landing page.
  • Each blueprint presents a different experience to the landing page visitor.
Campaign URL
  • The web address or url a targeted end user visits. An example of a campaign URL is
  • The potential customer or target of the campaign. They will have the opportunity to access items such as personalized urls, customized text messages etc.
Generic URL
  • A web address without any personalization that will bring a visitor to the landing page of your campaign.
  • GURLs can be useful when a database list has limited contact information.
Personalized URL
  • A web address or that incorporates the person’s name or other identifying information (such as company name). Once an end user visits a PURL, a visit is recorded for measuring purposes.
  • PURLS create an opportunity for Direct Personal Communications with your potential customer through tools such as direct mail, email and SMS (texting) outreach.
  • An example of a personalized URL is
  • Automated email notifications; can be rules based. Used for leads and thank-you emails. For example, these generate once a visitor completes a form on a PURL and notifies your sales team of a customer opportunity.
Social Media
  • Tools including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. which provide web users the opportunity to share content such as photos, video and stay connected online. A Cross Media Campaign can track a web user’s interaction with your social media communities.
QR Code

Cross Media QR Icon

  • A Quick Response (QR) code is the trademark name for a two dimensional matrix barcode that can collect information (with end user permission). By delivering information in both directions, QR codes can carry up to several hundred times the data of ordinary barcodes. QR Codes can be created for personalized URLs, generic URLs, contact information or text.
  • Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, or television advertisements etc. containing:
    • Product details
    • Contact details
    • Exclusive offer or coupon
    • Special contest
    • Upcoming event(s)
    • Twitter, Facebook or other social media page links
    • An exclusive video, blog post or article
Intelligent Mail Barcodes
  • With USPS Mail Tracking, track when an individual prospect’s mail piece is out for delivery and project arrival dates.
Source Tracking
  • In a cross media marketing campaign, respondents are directed to a landing page from a variety of channels, such as direct mail, email, SMS (text message marketing), QR (Quick Response) code, etc. To understand (and ultimately evaluate) the channel which generates more traffic or leads, a “Source Type” is assigned to each channel; this allows for reporting on each activity separately.
Trackable Links
  • These are an essential component of any cross media campaign. Create variables which are inserted into pages, email or text messages that track clicks (customer engagement) to other web pages. For each link that added, a line is added in Activity Reports to keep a record.
Helpful Cross Media Tips

It’s important to understand Cross-Media Marketing is not magic solution. Adding a PURL or QR code to a direct mail piece enhances the level of customer interaction, creating a unique opportunities to capture customer attention.

The fun part requires a bit of strategy and some creative thinking. Don’t worry; Cushing is ready to help you develop the right cross media formula for lasting campaign success!

Campaign Success hinges upon these basic fundamentals:

  1. Database
    • Are we reaching the target audience?
    • Are the names in the database the right contacts?
    • Is the mailing (and email) list current/up-to-date?
  2. Offer
    • Have you included a compelling offer?
    • Is the offer fitting for the entire audience?
    • Is it timely?
  3. Creative / Call to Action
    • Does the imagery and text compliment messaging without distracting from it?
    • Is the message clearly understood?
    • Does it speak to their needs?
    • Is the piece persuasive?
    • What is the call to action? (e.g. “visit your personalized url”)

We hope you found these tips helpful! There’s more valuable information in Cushing’s free cross media tips download. Completion of a brief form required.