How Does Cross Media Marketing Work?

Measuring and analyzing the results can increase response rates, generate quality leads and keep your database up to date and current. The reason for the success of Cross Media Marketing is the quick, precise and customer-driven access to specific content.


Earn your reader’s attention with a personalized direct mail piece designed as if it were sent only to them. Use their name, unique information and graphics that make your message intriguing and relevant.

Direct Mail Piece


Everyone in your database will be directed to their very own, personalized landing page where you can engage them with information and offers that are tailored specifically for their needs.


Social media channels like Facebook, email, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +1 and twitter can be independently tracked to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Easily add a static or variable QR Code to your marketing to provide an additional response mechanism for your prospects. Collect lead information in one location. Cushing has all the tools you need to add robust variable and static QR Codes and tracking to your marketing.

“Cushing provides innovative solutions that allow us to target and connect with our key audiences. The result is personalized customer interactions and top-line revenue growth for us. They are not just a print partner, but a strategic partner for our marketing team.”

April M., Director of Marketing


Enticing offers and calls to action incentivize people to share information. When they complete short surveys or consumer preference questionnaires, it allows you to understand their needs and preferences.

We create a positive return on investment from social media marketing by providing a data collecting dashboard that also makes responding to the call-to-action easy for you to identify warm leads.



Dramatically increase your results by responding within the first 5 minutes. Your clients get an immediate “thank you” reply, while notifying your staff that there has been a response in real time. The non-responders are sent a followup reminder.

Email Triggers


With real time responses and detailed analytics you can tell what’s working and what needs to be refined. Our dashboard shows you exactly what’s happening and allows you to monitor your campaign. Data-driven, variable print combined with relevant and personalized content that speaks to each person on a one-to-one basis will increase your response rates.