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Custom Wall Graphics Galore

A Very Brief History of Custom Wall Graphics 

Recently, we ran a poll to find out if visitors knew it was part of our service offerings.

Custom Wall Graphics Survey

We Asked – You Responded

More than half didn’t realize what they were or that we offered them.

Not long ago the idea of customized wall paper was reserved for affluent organizations. Sophisticated printers (and materials) have changed this and large format graphics are playing a larger role in how businesses brand themselves.

How so?

The ability to take a digital image, enlarge/enhance it and reproduce it on specialized materials has been simplified.  Today materials run the gamut from matte surfaces to vinyl to translucent mounted films. Mounting direct-to-the-wall is not as complicated as it was 25 years ago.  One-of-a-kind custom wall coverings are now within reach of any designer.

Why Consider Them?

Custom Wall Graphics Galore 1 DSC01434 300x1991

Mounted Acrylic is Appealing

  • There’s no easier way to promote your brand visually in your workspace than to mount your logo, eye-catching graphics, or branded materials directly to the surface of your walls, doors or glass sidelights!  Start up’s to traditional offices are taking a unique spin on their place of business.
  • As younger professionals enter the workforce, they are seeking work environments which foster creativity.  Custom wall graphics can also improve morale, at least during the colder times of the year.
  • Showcase awards and highlight company services.  Once your prospect visits, it is another aid in the sales cycle.
  • Promote seasonal campaigns. Retail concepts are now using window or wall mounted graphics to promote offers on a quarterly or monthly basis.
  • Graphics can be an arresting design element to draw attention or capture the imagination in large, soaring atrium spaces.
  • Temporary or permanent signage no longer burns up entire budgets.  Until recently, materials and inks required to make a permanent image that could be mounted, permanently or temporarily, at an affordable cost simply didn’t exist. 

The unofficial sixth reason to consider custom wall graphics?

In the last 18 months, Cushing has worked on over 200 large format installations.

Have general questions on process, installation or best practices? We are certified trainers for these applications. You can also earn continuing CEU credits for designers who want to become proficient in their use.  We offer group programs at our location or can come to your office – just give us a ring!

Wall Covering Enhance Your Workspace

Wall Covering Enhance Your Workspace

Whether decals, vinyl, or materials that can be repositioned on wall surfaces, when it comes to custom wall graphics, we have you covered.

Check out the images of some projects that we have printed recently to spark YOUR imagination!


Cathie Cushing Duff

One of the third generation membership owners at Cushing, Cathie has been active in the organization since 1975. A graduate of the University of Toronto (St. Michael’s College) she attended the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Illinois School of Business. A Past President of the North Central Reprographic Association and International Reprographic Association, she has served on the ReproMAX Association and Chicago Family Business Council Boards. When not exploring print and digital communications, her passions are family, knitting and crocheting. Visit Cathie’s Google + profile.

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  1. Bryan @ Majestic Wall Art  

    Very interesting, makes me think about my marketing and how much people really know what we offer.

    Thanks for sharing your results.


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