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Why Consider Custom Wallcoverings

Corporate environments to retail settings, doesn’t it seem custom wall décor is becoming a fixture everywhere you turn? And not just Chicagoland, cities across the United States as well as commercial offices in Europe are considering custom wallcoverings to enhance interiors. We’ve taken a look at the landscape, engaged Cushing clients and put together some more reasons it’s time to consider this very effective method of communicating your offerings.

1. Be Our Guest

Sarah Berger Solstice Mobile Marketing StrategistOffice wallcoverings create conversations and is a unique method to showcase service offerings. “At Solstice, our word wall is a key part of the visitor experience.” says Sarah Berger, Marketing Strategist at the growing mobile app firm, Solstice Mobile.

“It is important to us that our clients, prospects, and new hires really understand the principles that guide us as a company, and what better way than to display them proudly in our workspace.”

Custom wallpaper printing encourages creativity and can bring your team together. How so?

The Solstice word wall has terms that mean something to their staff proudly on display.

“Overall, the work that Cushing has done really enhances our creative culture and reminds employees why they love to work at Solstice.”

Human resources to marketing and sales, involve your team in the planning process, gather ideas and encourage a collaborative environment.

2. Your Competition is Considering It

Why Consider Custom Wallcoverings 2 Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends smAccording to Steve Urmano, Director of the Wide Format Printing research at InfoTrends, wide format printing media consumption is poised for 6% growth in the next 3 to 5 years and reach over 74 million square meters by 2018 in North America and an estimated print value reacting over $23 billion.

The growing segment is driven in part numerous industries considering branded interior graphics, including restaurant, education, hospitality, retail, commercial real estate and more.

With a host of vertical markets considering the benefits, think of one your competitors might see value is considering commercial décor?

3. Office Signs Reduce Sighs

Another reason to consider commercial office murals? Your staff will appreciate it.

According to Large Format Review, a UK based publication which covers the large format printing industry, 47% of polled employees in 2013. They reported a creative workspace or colorful visuals would improve moods during the winter months. For companies always on the lookout for amenities, unique staff events and keeping staff, custom wall coverings can be a temporary or permanent boost to your office environment.

Wall Graphics and Company

Why not provide staff another reason to smile?

4. The Morale of the Story

After over 40 years in their Chicago location, Magid Glove and Safety was in the midst of a move to Romeoville, Illinois.  Not only was this quite a distance from their original location and neighborhood, the new building had a number of empty, white walls. Their Executive Vice President saw a blank canvas.

Why Consider Custom Wallcoverings 3 Magid Glove Safety

“We were looking for some ways to bring our history alive as well as commemorate over 40 years we had worked in our previous building,” says Gigi Cohen, Executive Vice President at Magid Glove & Safety. “It also seemed like it would be fun to put up a giant wall mural of our old building.”

Final installed output has numerous iconic details from their old building and literally depicts their original intersection. It also contains images of unbreakable glass that was installed in many windows. That’s right, occasionally people would throw rocks at the windows for fun.

“The mural surpassed our hopes and dreams,” continues Cohen. “It really touched the hearts of many employees who worked in the former building, for many decades.”

Cohen envisions the wall graphics playing a role in welcoming guests and visitor tours. “It will serve us well when people visit our facility and we can share our history and old neighborhood,” she explains. One final note on Cohen’s Cushing experience:

“The installation team was awesome and the whole thing was up in an hour!”

Questions about a custom wall mural, installation, materials or ready to schedule a site survey?  No matter what you are looking for, we’ll work with you to find the right solution for your business.  Contact us today.

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