Customer Service Week 2014

Celebrating the staff members who go the extra mile for you.

More than a production staff, this creative team wants to see your project succeed.


Customer Service Week is an ongoing tradition at Cushing.  In anticipation of the main event, each day of the week is an opportunity to spice up the office routine with games, activities and themed celebrations. No day is the same as the last!

The week–long celebration always culminates in Employee Appreciation Night. The party is held to recognize those team members who lead by example, inspire colleagues and seek to provide optimal service to clients. Employee Appreciation Night is the time we show our team that we’re ready and willing to invest in their success. The following employees were nominated by their peers and management, for these well-deserved awards.

2014 Rookie of the Year

1st Place: Julia Kaufman
2nd Place Tie: Emily Manker
2nd Place Tie: Sharika Conyers
2nd Place Tie: Zach Lewis

2014 Most Valuable Coworker

1st Place:  Matthew Cushing
2nd Place: Erik Reczek
3rd Place: Mariano Montes
4th Place: Julia Kaufman
5th Place: Tera Green

Honorable Mentions:
Demetrius Calhoun, Jill Hohenadel, Steve Trickey, Emily Manker, & Carolyn Clark

We Are Family

In 2014, Cushing celebrated 85 years of providing printing services in the Chicago land area and beyond. In that time, Carl Hansen and Mike Duff lead our team in facing the challenges of an ever-changing market. Even in times of uncertainty, both men managed to maintain the same values the company was built on in 1929. In doing so, Carl and Mike built a strong foundation for the company’s future success. They will not soon be forgotten. In their memory, the following awards are bestowed upon employees who uphold their legacy and lead by example.

The Carl Hansen Award

The Consummate professional, Carl was known for being a most thoughtful co-worker, great listener, and calm advisor to his peers regardless of their position in the company.

2014 Winner: Carolyn Clark (pictured hard at work)

The Mike Duff Award

Duff was always looking for the next thing that the customers would need, the best way to anticipate new technology and make money at the same time. He was creative about finding ways to use the technology we already possess – and enthusiastic about customer service.

2014 Winner: Brian Burke


It is with great pride and heart-felt appreciation that we recognize employees who choose to dedicate their skills and talents to our company. The success of our business would not be possible without their hard work and commitment to excellence. The following employees are celebrating milestone anniversaries. Feel free to congratulate them the next time you connect!

5 Years:  Jill Hohenadel & Matthew Cushing
10 Years:  Amanda Bridges & Carolyn Clark
15 Years: Mariano Montes

Each year, we welcome your nominations for a Cushing employee who has gone the extra mile for you. Our Go The Extra Mile Program encourages employees to put their best foot forward every day, boosts morale, and raises awareness of the importance of Customer Service. Based on your positive feedback, the following employees are being recognized for consistently earning the trust of our clients and giving them the confidence to choose our services year after year. WE know all of our employees work hard for our customers every day, even the team members working behind the scenes, and it is a special pleasure to learn our clients value their service as much as we do. The ballots are in!

GTEM Winners

1st Place:  Carolyn Clark
2nd Place: Bruce Luckett
3rd Place: Erik Reczek
4th Place: Randy Johnson
5th Place: Josette O’Neil

Honorable Mentions:
Tera Green, Julia Kaufman, Mariano Montes, Michelle Ward and Jill Hohenadel

Let the Games Begin!

Unlike in years past, Customer Service Week 2014 had a competitive edge. Employees were split up into teams to develop a team name and team flag. Teams went head to head to earn points in varying competitions, such as the Bake-Off on Wednesday, a Karaoke Sing-Off on Thursday, and a new round of Scattegories each day. Teams also earned points for participating in the day’s theme. This year, themes included: Jersey Day, High School Pride, Dress as a Coworker, Country Western BBQ, Pajama Day. Check out the picture gallery and see for yourself!

After competing for 5 days, the votes were tallied and the results are in!

1st Place: Prints Charming
2nd Place: Print Me Baby One More Time
3rd Place: The Honey Badgers
4th Place: The Cartridge Family
5th Place: The Printheads
6th Place: Oce Can You See!

In addition, Honorable Mentions go to the following individuals who racked up major points for their team throughout the week.

Bake-Off 1st Place: Butter Cookies – Diane Nelson, Team Oce Can You See

Bake-Off 2nd Place: Lemon Bars – Brian Burke, Team Prints Charming

Bake-Off 3rd Place: Cream Cheese Banana Bread – Julia Kaufman, Team Prints Charming

Honorable Mentions

Karaoke Sing-Off Winner: Print Me Baby One More Time

Scattegory Extraordinaire: Maht Wells, Team Cartridge Family

Best Team Flag: Oce Can You See

Customer Service Week 2014 Team Flags