Customer Service Week 2018

The Tradition Continues!

Customer Service Week is Cushing’s weeklong celebration of our teammates. We play games, dress up during theme days, and hand out awards for a job well done. Our 2018 Theme? Back in Time!

The 00's (Or Double Zeros)

Customer Service Week kicked off with the most recent past decade. Remember the early 2000’s?

Velour track suits, trucker hats, and tattoo necklaces all made a comeback on Monday. We played music from the decade and teams turned in their answers to decade-themed trivia questions. Do you remember which store Winona Ryder shoplifted from?

Back to the 90's

Talk to the Hand!

On Tuesday, we celebrated the 1990’s with a bake off! Teams earned extra points if the treats were somehow 90’s themed. Anjelica took home the prize for her “You’re Killin’ Me, S’mores” s’mores cookie bars. The well-deserved honorable mentions? Julia’s crème pies, Diane’s frosted animal cracker cake and Carlos’ cheesecake “pizza” bites. It was a deliciously fun day!

Check out some of the photos in the gallery below.
90s Team Photo
Who Doesn't Love the 80's?

Is that the cast of The Breakfast Club? No, it’s the Cushing team!

We had a ton of fun celebrating the 80’s. Big hair, neon and leggings ruled the day. Teams participated in decade trivia and played name that tune (song from Madonna, Michael Jackson and David Bowie played over the loudspeaker throughout the day). It was like, a totally fun day.

That 70's Show

Far out!

Thursday was not only 70’s day, it was the night of our Customer Service Week shindig! During the annual company party, we celebrate anniversaries, hand out awards and have A LOT of laughs. Employees are recognized for going the extra mile and working hard every day throughout the year.

Cushing 70s Group Photo
Julia Accepting MVC Award
MVC (Most Valuable Co-Worker 2018)

Also known as Most Valuable Coworker, the Cushing team votes in a secret ballot for their MVC pick. These are the people who we can always count on, no matter how busy it is! This year, our winners were…

Julia Kaufman – winner
Conor Harmon
Jake Hellman
Mariano Montes
Sharika Conyers

Rookie of the Year

Winners of rookie of the year are new team members who have made a tremendous impact. 2018 brought us quite a few new coworkers, so this was a tough race!

Carlos Lopez – winner

Daniel Zuniga

Renee Castro

Rookie of the Year 2018 Carlos
The 2018 Mike Duff Award Winner

The late Mike Duff was a Cushing leader who was always anticipating the next customer need. Not only passionate about new technology, he was creative about developing new uses for equipment already on the shop floor – and extremely enthusiastic about customer service.

The votes are in and this year’s winner of the Mike Duff Award is …

Conor Harmon

THE 2018 Carl Hansen AWARD WINNER

The consummate professional, Carl Hansen was known for being a most thoughtful co-worker, great listener, and calm advisor to his peers regardless of their position in the company.

The 2018 Carl Hansen Award goes to…

Julia Kaufman

Going the Extra Mile for YOU!

Did you know there’s a Cushing award where YOU cast a vote? Customers and coworkers who want to recognize an employee can email: go the extra mile AT throughout the year. Votes are tallied and awards are presented at our company party.

This year’s extra mile winners were…

Amanda Snyder
Julia Kaufman
Matt Hausler
Randy Johnson
Conor Harmon


In recent years we’ve added superlatives to the awards list. These are a great way to incorporate the week’s theme into the award ceremony and add a little fun.

Some of our favorites were…

Most likely to adopt 101 DalmatiansDiane
Most likely to audition for the Spice Girls…Theresa
Most likely to own a collection of Beanie Babies…Michelle
Most likely to run out of quarters playing PacMan…Erik

Matt Superlative Award
Another Great Year!

Happy Anniversary!

Jon, Sharika, Matt Cushing and Brian celebrated another year at Cushing

Peace, Love, and Customer Service Week?

On the last day of customer service week, we celebrated the Sixties.

Still jazzed from last night’s celebration (and the last day to earn team points) we played games and awaited the week’s results…This year’s Customer Service Week Team winner is …

A Saddle Stich in Time!

A Saddle Stitch in Time Team Flag

Brian, Daniel B., Diane, Alicia, Luis, Renee, Patrick, Matt H & Rey!

Already Thinking About the Next One?

Thanks for reading! What will our theme be next year? Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out previous celebrations.

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