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What’s a print company doing with a blog?  Here are some goals: Share client success. Discuss marketing trends. Help you grow your business. You never know what you might find, but at a minimum, we’ll educate and put a smile on your face.

  • Guest entries from customers and vendors
  • Innovative installations to grow your business
  • Employee achievement and team spotlights

Our goal is to share information that is interesting, answer your questions and helps you make decisions about the printing services you need.

Hit Your Spot

Spotlighting a client provides opportunity to showcase your product, service or discuss a problem you solved.  It is also unique way to thank a customer and creates compelling content that can be shared or used in your email newsletter.  Using cross media, you can also determine if this type of…

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Ballgame to Blueprint

With the baseball regular season coming to an end, it seemed like the right time to share a story. Batter up!

Last January, I was in search of one more item to complete a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Buying gifts can be challenging since I put a little pressure on myself.…

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Raising the Bar

A pinch of color.
Mix in matte paper.
Add a little gloss and fire up the flatbed.

No, this isn’t a new cooking show; just a recipe for great looking printed materials.  And at Protein Bar, printed collateral looks just as delicious as the entrée you order.

Menus on Display at Protein…

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The Perfect Printernship

I go to school up in Minnesota where the summer lasts exactly 2 months.

As snow melts, leaves appear and birds start tweeting again: summer is upon us (yes, I know you are reading this in September.)  Thinking about basking on the beach also brings the dreadful task of searching for…

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Make Your Point

Chances are you have encountered, interacted with or noticed some form of point of purchase display out and about in Chicago – or really any region in the United States.

An amazing stat?  Over 70% of consumers decide to make a purchase AFTER arriving to a store.

I had to read that…

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Heard The Buzz?

Over 100 million Americans reach for a cup of coffee to start their day.

Legend has it,we should thank an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi for our morning elixir. When his herd munched on tree berries, he noticed the animals had a burst of energy. Reporting his findings to the local…

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