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New Year, New Concepts

Every year around this time there is “new” buzz from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas about the most recent toys to enter the consumer markets.  The CES also showcases a number of Concept Cars – ideas that aren’t actually coming to market as products this year but are…

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Handing Down The Printed Word

As you may know, I continue to be vexed at the transition to e-books and paper.  On the one hand it is such a wonderful technology and makes exchanging written words so accessible, but on the other I wonder what it will be like to future generations to not have…

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Less Printing, More Words

As I have mentioned I am no marketing maven, but as a provider of print and digital communications I have been much more aware of how people communicate with words.

Contrary to fifty years ago, there is a pervasive shift to delivering information in shorter and shorter bites, whether or spoken…

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Who Writes the Encyclopedia?

I know that this dates me, but as an early adopter of a home computer (late 1980s – Prodigy!) I was intrigued by the first CD Encyclopedia that I bought.  Instead of the World Books on the shelf here was everything on disks – with moving pictures and sound to…

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Following the Hoof Beats of the News

The decrease in ad revenues for traditional print newspapers is not exactly shocking news, but I recently read an overview article that details the dramatic turn that those revenues have taken.

The article points out that the industry is still huge ($20 billion) in terms of revenues but not in terms of…

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