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What’s a print company doing with a blog?  Here are some goals: Share client success. Discuss marketing trends. Help you grow your business. You never know what you might find, but at a minimum, we’ll educate and put a smile on your face.

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Our goal is to share information that is interesting, answer your questions and helps you make decisions about the printing services you need.

Ice Bucket Challenge

The Cushing team was proud to take the #icebucketchallenge today!

And proud to sponsor our neighbors upstairs, the ALS Association of Chicago, with a $1,000 contribution.

Connect with the ALS Chicago Chapter.

When Less is More

Need for Speed
Do you remember … say about fifteen minutes ago … when in order to have something printed, you had to either hand deliver the image or, God forbid, send it through the United States Postal Service?

Aren’t you glad those days are over?

With today’s digital workflows, and the ease…

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Finding Your Way

Wayfinding Graphics Behind the Scenes

When a project starts with helping people find their way, you know it’s meant to be.

Hospitals can have more corridors than a castle.  Staff passageways blend into a maze of mechanical rooms, hallways and doors. Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago…

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Little Did You Know

Are we in the glory days of marketing? Why do I get the feeling many of you may be having trouble reading that because you’re rolling your eyes.

Cross Media, Social Media, Content Marketing, Media Relations, Search Marketing – there are so many different ways to get your message out there.


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Our Printed Past and Future

Some Famous Signatures

Celebrating July 4, it got me thinking about a delicate sheet of paper that means to many things to so many people, in the United States and beyond. What would happen if the Declaration of Indpendence had been printed today?

In the eighteen century the Declaration of…

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DP I Need Help

What is DPI?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, the number of dots of ink used per inch to create an image on a physical page.

After reading that first sentence, I’m guessing your response might be: “SOOOO that’s what DPI means”

Of course, there are probably a number of you rolling your…

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