elbē creative partners

elbē helps to design, prototype, develop and fabricate endless possibilities.

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elbē creative partners specializes in creating meaningful and cutting-edge interactive experiences that evoke, educate, entertain and inform for both temporary and permanent spaces. Using a multimedia, process-oriented, and collaborative approach with their partners and clients, elbē works to inform audiences of all ages with fun, engaging and immersive experiences, thoughtfully connecting people and place. elbē views all of their industry collaborators and clients as partners, working in synergy to ensure the individual needs of each project challenge are met with their fullest commitment. They are accountable to each partner, bringing creativity, innovation, a clear process and quality outcome to every project.

Meet Thon Lorenz - Partner/Lead Developer

Thon leads all production efforts at elbē. He comes from a visual arts background, studying computer art in undergrad and continuing for an MFA in video art before diving into the world of digital application production. A visual artist at heart, he brings over a decade of experience as a developer to elbē, having designed and developed or collaborated on over 200 interactive applications to-date with more than half being for museums and exhibit environments. He keeps himself and the team up-to-date on all cutting-edge technology relevant for elbē’s diverse client base. Additionally, Thon has an extensive teaching background as past adjunct professor at Syracuse University and at a technical professionals’ portfolio school in Chicago. His knack as a natural-born teacher has helped pave the way in building and leading elbē’s talented production team.

Meet Melissa McAtee - Partner/Design + Operations

Melissa leads business operations at elbē. While her path ultimately led her to focus specifically on digital experiences within the built environment, her roots are in the commercial interior architecture industry. With an undergraduate degree in interior design, an interdisciplinary master’s degree, her NCIDQ certification, LEED AP and 25 years combined working in design, management, higher education and business ownership, Melissa comes with a relevant and robust professional journey that adds significant value to elbē’s digital interactive design and development services. Her understanding behind the process of the built environment and trained eye in design has translated seamlessly into the world of user experience. Aside from managing elbē, Melissa is currently adjunct faculty in the Interior Architecture department at Columbia College Chicago.