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5 Email Marketing Content Tips

Sample Email Newsletter

Use Our Email Marketing Tips!

Did you know a whopping 91 percent of consumers use email daily to stay connected?

An interesting statistic which tells me no matter how solid your email open rates and click activity are, don’t get complacent.

Are we advocating just sending any old content to your email subscribers?

No. If you don’t provide a positive experience, chances are they will unsubscribe.

Generating newsletter content (well, content in general, but that’s another blog post), can be a challenge, but necessary.

Depending on your objectives, its all within reach.

Here are some email marketing tips & content ideas for your next distribution.

Spotlight Staff
Prospects and clients enjoy learning about Cushing team tembers.  How do we collect information? A short questionnaire is sent to the staff member to gather fun facts and trivia (has just over 10 questions).  Obtaining content is not that complicated since you work for the same organization.

Tip: Give the team member a couple of weeks to complete!

Showcase Clients
Provided an innovative technique to complete a customer job? Highlight it! We love printing technology at Cushing, but equipment stories may not be the most compelling.  Client output can be much more interesting and there’s usually a story behind it.

Tip: Don’t forget – it’s a “win win” – marketing exposure for them and content for you.

Survey Says
Occasionally (about once a quarter), we try to pick your brain (yes, you) in exchange for a chance to win prizes. We write a survey and ask recipients to complete for a chance to win a gift.  It helps us to improve offerings and enhance newsletter content. The caveat – you give stuff away in exchange for the answers so the prize should be compelling.

Tip: Partner with a local restaurant, shop or business to barter certificates in exchange for placement in your email blast.

Email Marketing Statistics

Email Marketing Statistics

Be Our Guest
Knowledgeable clients who can speak to unique challenges facing your industry? Ask them to contribute a guest blog; its content for your website AND email newsletter.  Just keep it related to what you do. As you can see from our graph (this is a statistic we have tracked in our own blasts), this content gets clicked about 40% more of the time.

Tip: Peruse the client blog prior to asking for this content.

A Click is Worth a Thousand Words
Now that you have your content together, isn’t nurturing prospects and ultimately converting sales part of the plan?  Cross media marketing solutions notify sales representatives when prospects click content within seconds.

Tip:  Use analytics to keep track of clicks. It warms cold calls and assists marketing with content development.

Email marketing keeps your customer base engaged and your brand top of mind. Always keep a pulse on what’s happening at your company (or industry) and you’ll uncover even more email and content ideas.

We hope these email marketing tips were helpful!

Questions about content development, cross media, want additional email marketing tips or just general questions? Let’s schedule a time to talk.

What are some of your email marketing tips and ideas? Drop them  in the contents box and maybe they will end up in our next blast!

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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