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Every Little Bit Helps

Today marks the 44th anniversary of Earth Day! The theme is Green Cities, inspiring Earth Day Treemillions of people to create a sustainable, healthy environment by greening communities worldwide.

At Cushing, we operate from an environmentally and socially responsible perspective and make it mandatory to recycle among many other initiatives. Read on to learn how we can help you cut down on waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Recycled paper for large and small format prints

When you think of recycled paper, do you picture grayish, pulpy, bumpy material that doesn’t look professional? That might have been the stereotype of recycled papers past, but today it is soft, smooth and elegant. In fact, if you didn’t know it was recycled when you ordered it, we’re sure you can’t tell the difference! Request recycled paper for large and small format jobs that create beautiful prints.

Enviroboard – Our Recycled Mounted Material
Ideal for any digital printing, it is strong and easily finished (our die cutting machine handles this perfectly.) In addition to environmental benefits, printing to enviroboard requires a shorter production time, which means less time our machines are running.

Océ Equipment that’s 100% Recyclable
Choosing equipment built with the least amount of pollutants is key to limiting environment damage—that’s why we’re proud to place Océ equipment. Océ systems are high-regarded for standing the test of time and offer continuous, trouble free performance. Plus, they’re green machines: they are developed to be as energy efficient as possible and keep the work environment in mind with cleaner and healthier emissions.

Earth Day Infographic
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
In addition to recycling our own waste paper and plastics, we will gladly pick up our regular customers’ paper and dispose of it properly.

Use Less Paper
Cushing excels in managing and distributing documents in the simplest way possible. We offer easy to use electronic distribution of plans and specs along with a web upload tool and streamlined order system.

Our marketing efforts have changed a bit as well. We speak directly to our audience by using Cross Media Marketing.

According to a survey by the US Postal Service and the Digital Marketing Association, 78% of people read their mail while standing over the garbage can (we hope they meant to say “recycling bin”!).

Learn how using Cushing can make your next marketing campaign a little greener, more engaging and effective.Every Little Bit Helps 1 Earth Day Globe 1024x535

Remember, when you choose Cushing to handle your next project you can rest assured you’re not making a negative impact on the environment.

Happy Earth Day from Cushing!

Valerie Solver

Valerie is Cushing’s Senior Marketing Coordinator and has been with Cushing over five years, starting off in the Accounting Department, ultimately deciding to major in Marketing at DePaul University. The Problem ‘Solver’ manages Cross Media Campaign development among other duties. Out of the office, Valerie is doing yoga, trying out new restaurants, spending time among family and friends while enjoying the city life. Click here to see her Google

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