File Setup Guidelines:

Preferred File Types

We accept a variety of file types. Browse below to find out how to send your files to us.

PDF Files

High resolution PDF files with crop marks and bleed are preferred. We also accept the following native files: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. Please call to discuss other software programs.

Crop Marks and Bleed Infographic

Bleed Recommendations for Short Run or Small Format Projects

Adobe Illustrator

Convert all text to outlines.

Adobe Photoshop

Include all layers, paths, and channels.

Adobe InDesign

Package the file, making sure that all linked images and fonts are included.


For color-critical print jobs, we request that you provide a sample print for us to color match. We can arrange a courier service to pick up your printed piece.


  • PDF proofs are available by request at no extra charge.
  • Hard copy proofs are available by request and are $25 per proof.

All files should be in CMYK for four color process production, including all files linked to your document.

Spot colors should be defined with actual PMS numbers instead of generic names such as “red” or “blue”.

Fonts and Text

  • Adobe Illustrator files should have all text converted to paths or outlines.
  • Adobe InDesign files must be properly packaged and include all fonts used in the document.

Size and Scale – Large Format

  • Create your art at 100% whenever possible and have all links at 150 ppi. If reduction is necessary for file size, please create your layout at 50% or 25% of the final size.
  • If your art is at 50% or 25% and has linked raster files (i.e. TIFF, PSD, EPS), they should be at 300 ppi (50%) and 600 ppi (25%) to print at high quality.


Crop and Bleed: Small Format

  • For full coverage prints, we require bleed to be extended past the document art board at least .125″.
  • Crop marks should be added to high resolution PDF files, and any file with bleed.