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Creative Professionals Trust Cushing for Fine art archival prints

At Cushing, we understand the nuance of color, the subtlety of tone and the delicacy of texture. It’s been our business for over 80 years.

Today, Cushing leverages an integrated approach that blends knowledge, service and the latest technology to offer the consummate experience in fine art printmaking.

A Place that Understands You

The Cushing Fine Art Printmaking team is led by experienced Printmakers who collaborate with Customer Service, Project Management and Technical staff to ensure that each Fine Art Print project is handled with intelligence and professionalism.

Color Management: Technology that Works

We maintain a tightly measured color workflow involving calibrated computer monitors, an ICC-aware image editor, tagged image files and printer profiles.

State-of-the-art pigmented inks developed by Canon achieve maximum archival longevity of archival prints. Producing no VOC outgas, these inks are specifically designed to produce fine art prints exhibiting superior high definition quality and a wide color gamut. It’s all about communicating and producing professional results.

Our Process
  • Detailed initial meeting that identifies goals, circumstances and budgetary considerations, our printing
  • We work with you and develop a production plan
  • A quote is provided, including any required specifications
  • Once the quote is accepted, a Project Manager is assigned to serve as the primary contact, providing updates as well as suggested solutions to any challenges that may arise.
  • Digital files are thoroughly reviewed and client approvals are made before production begins to ensure proper output.
People Like You

We developed ongoing relationships and have learned what it takes to please design professionals.

  • Graphic designers
  • Gallery owners
  • Marketing professionals
  • Artists
  • Interior designers
  • Art buyers
  • Architects
Safe Handling of Your Work

Original artwork is irreplaceable. At Cushing, we understand the investment artists make in their work and take seriously the trust placed in us when handling and storing artworks. All work is stored in a safe, secure area, and to avoid the introduction of contaminants, prints are placed in protective, archival sleeves.

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