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Have a Ball

Cushing is proud to partner with the Printers Ball, coming up Saturday, June 28. Angee Lennard, founder and executive director of the Spudnik Press Cooperative has more details on why you don’t want to miss this event! Register here!

A Group of PrintMakers

A Group of PrintMakers

Over the last decade, the Printers Ball has become a quintessential celebration of print and literature in Chicago.

Founded in 2004 by Poetry magazine Associate Editor Fred Sasaki, the Ball was first held at the now-shuttered HotHouse, later moving to various venues throughout Chicago, including the Double Door, the Zhou B Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Columbia College Chicago. Along the way, it has grown from a local celebration to an event with presenters from all over the United States.

This year, we decided to include twice as many performers as usual, allowing us to showcase like never before the diversity of talent in our city as well as bring back performers from previous Printers Balls.

We are bringing in the esteemed New York designer Chip Kidd to shares his views on

Printer's Ball Attendees Enjoy a Presentation

Printer’s Ball Attendees Enjoy a Presentation

design. And we have increased the participatory aspects of the ball as well, with a majority of programming being hands-on experiences, such as our program with Pixiehammer Press. Skillful poets will write a love letter or a hate letter to anyone, on your behalf!

As a Printer, I am particularly excited about making a print with The Press Bike, led by Jo, the young daughter of master printer Jen Farrell of Starshaped Press. Afterward, I’ll head to the second floor to see artist and printer Leah Mackin in production mode, creating new books live through out the afternoon.

Press BikeI’ll also be visiting the ongoing print and zine making demos in The Spudnik Press Printshop. Before the event comes to a close, I’ll visit Cushing and other vendors in the Marketplace and enjoy a drink in the Beer Garden.

We hope you will join us!

Register for the Printers Ball

Angee Lennard

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