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Ever have a conversation that just gets you so excited for the next work day?

Back of the Yards College Preparatory High School is located in Chicago’s southwest side, and connected with our team a few weeks back. The reason why? I am borrowing from their mission statement:

“We strive to promote intercultural respect and understanding and to inspire our students to enrich their learning by providing service to the greater world outside of our school walls.

This school cares about their kids.

Head of the Class 2 Juniors in Class

With juniors and graduating seniors on their way to getting certified in the Adobe Creative Suite, they had an idea. Putting together the syllabus (had to throw that in there, we’re writing about a field trip, after all!), the original idea came from Dawn Cox, IB Middle Years Program Coordinator and Robert Anderson, the Fine Arts IBCP & CTE Digital Media Teacher & Varsity Girls’ Volleyball Coach.  We all jumped on a conference all.

No matter how many times he told me to call him Bobby, I just couldn’t do it!  Even though I’m climbing in age, every time I speak to a teacher it brings me back to my classroom days… and using Mr., Miss and sir…

What’s On the Blackboard?

From the classroom to prepress, could we show these aspiring creative professionals what life is like on the shop floor?

Talking through the details, what Back of the Yards is setting up for their students reminded me so much of the ACE Mentor Program (a group Cushing has supported many years), and a non-profit that encourages high school students to get involved with the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) community.

I’m proud to write this blog and announce Back of The Yards College Preparatory High School will be visiting Cushing on Thursday April 6.

 “The kids are ready to go!” said Mr. Anderson. “Anytime we can bring students to an agency or firm where they can see how computer skills translate into the work environment is terrific!”

Students will visit workstations throughout Cushing. What else? They will have a chance to:

  • See how we receive orders and input into our system
  • Understand checking the files to be sure they’re set up correctly
  • Get a chance to see files set up for print/printing/working on a file for client
  • Flatbed Demonstration (and our goal is to have a new promo piece go to print!)
  • Laminating, finishing and cutting on the Zund
  • AND explore WordPress and some new tools the marketing team is using

“We are excited our students will have this hands-on experience at Cushing,” said Dawn Cox, IB Middle Years Program Coordinator. “Everyone is excited to see the production process first hand, and spend time with the marketing department!”

Stay tuned – we are excited to write about the experience on our blog and hope you enjoy!


Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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