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Heard The Buzz?

Over 100 million Americans reach for a cup of coffee to start their day.

Legend has it,we should thank an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi for our morning elixir. When his herd munched on tree berries, he noticed the animals had a burst of energy. Reporting his findings to the local monastery, the abbot took note, and used the bitter berries, or beans, to stay focused during evening prayer.

Beyond potential for perking up, some studies point to the health benefits of a cup of Joe, such as fighting dementia and reduced risk of Parkinson’s Disease.

Wait, we’re still talking about coffee, right?

New Brew
Stefan Hersh is a musician, educator and dealer of rare musical instruments. Five years ago, his lifelong passion for coffee culminated in the opening of Buzz Killer Espresso in Wicker Park.  Dubbed “Light Support for Coffee Geeks,” the café features unique and special coffee sourced, roasted and brewed with fanatical care.

Filled with two floors of natural light, Buzz is airy and ideal for a casual cup or meeting. Customers can sip, share conversation and people watch on the patio.  Their goal is to bring the best coffee beans to Chicagoland from around the globe.

Hersh has experienced a 15% increase in business since installing acrylic signage at Buzz Killer Espresso

Sipping to Signage
Something is always – ahembrewing in Wicker Park.  With an eclectic group of businesses settling into newly constructed and historic buildings, it can be challenging to distinguish one concept from the next.

Nestled among retail shops and nightlife establishments, Hersh decided the quickly growing café could use an exterior sign to set them apart.

On a mission, Hersh hopped on the web to seek signage manufacturers and Chicago printers working with local companies. Competitive pricing was important but he also needed a combination of service, capability and knowledge; similar to the attentive baristas you would find in his café.

Ultimately, the web pointed him to Cushing. During the initial site visit, Cushing’s consultants immediately saw an opportunity to use acrylic as an exterior sign. the material is light, thin, and capable of sustaining a fair amount of the Chicago elements. Dangling above Damen, it fits the funky neighborhood vibe.

“Matt and Arica have been on point and on task,” said Hersh. “The willingness to say that the answer would require more research in some instances really inspires confidence: they simply don’t make a statement without really knowing or really finding out!”

Righteous Roast
Hersh is taking it all in, one cup at a time as other ideas rise to the top of the pot.

“Cushing has stimulated us with creative possibilities,” said Hersh. “And I expect we’ll be using them for a variety of projects in the future.”

Buzz brings passion to each cup they source and  roasting; its just one of the reasons they have been generating buzz for several years.

Learn more Buzz Killer Espresso and their offerings. Visiting the Wicker Park neighborhood? Stop by 1644 North Damen Avenue.

Have questions about acrylic or exterior signage? Tell us more in the comments below or give us a call to discuss your needs with a print marketing consultant.

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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