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Improving the Process in Print and Digital Communication

Have you ever wondered when, exactly, did the buggy whip manufacturers know that the car starters were gaining on them?  In the evolution from “desirable” to “commodity” where is the point in time when looking for the next cool thing is driven by urgency rather than curiosity?

In our reprographics industry we had (up until twenty years ago) defined ourselves by the market we sold into (construction documents to the Architecture-Engineering-Construction industries) rather than by what we sold (large format printing and document management for distribution). In the past ten years we have expanded our customer lists to include other consumers of multiple format graphics – banners, posters, short-run signage – because the technology has evolved to make full color services readily available and cost effective.  But that expansiveness reflected a desire to find more opportunities for growth.  Now those “new” markets and unsuspecting customers are no longer a luxury – they are the New World of consumers for the products that we have perfected.

The point when the buggy whip folks changed the sign over the door to Car Starters Here! was when they realized what their core competency was.  They specialized in making things move from park to drive

What we know in our industry is that we specialize in Improving the Process by which consumers use print or digital communication to accomplish their goals. 

  • When a page is designed – as a blueprint or a text document or a banner or a sign – our specialty is providing the most efficient way of distributing that in either print or digital form. 
  • Software tools to provide portals to store and distribute design and construction documents – that’s what we have!
  • Internet programs to harness as much data as possible in your marketing campaign – we have partnered with the leaders in that field to give you that value when you come here!
  • Interested in doing your own wide format scanning and printing – we will be glad to place that equipment in your office in a rental or purchase mode — and deliver the supplies when you need them!

When the economy begins to expand in our market, the demand for construction documents will never return to the halcyon days because technology and the need to manipulate data in its digital form has supplanted the need for many iterations of a printed sheet in the construction  process.  We are tasked with marketing our core competency to that wider New World.

Cathie Cushing Duff

One of the third generation membership owners at Cushing, Cathie has been active in the organization since 1975. A graduate of the University of Toronto (St. Michael’s College) she attended the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Illinois School of Business. A Past President of the North Central Reprographic Association and International Reprographic Association, she has served on the ReproMAX Association and Chicago Family Business Council Boards. When not exploring print and digital communications, her passions are family, knitting and crocheting. Visit Cathie’s Google + profile.

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