Working Remote

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We’ll post working from home #fails, successes and of course fun photos!

Cushing Team Gives Zoom a Spin

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Homeschooling With Jake, Zoe and Louie

Homeschooling is not so tough when you have your dog around to keep you company!

Best Sales Meeting Ever?


In times like this, need to keep it light. 

Working Remote Playlist

What are you rocking out to during social distancing? Here are some artist picks from the Cushing team.

The Beatles
Dr. Dog
Fleetwood Mac
Avett Brothers
Cat Stevens

Amber Mark
Tame Imapala
James Blake
Dua Lipa
The Black Keys
The Weeknd
David Bowie

Ologies (!!!!!!)

Controller by Channel Tres
Stole the show by Kygo Ft Parson James
Piano Man by Billy Joel

Tine’s battled through this sort of thing!

Jake Joins a Zoom Call with Classmates

Marketing hopped on a call to discuss a summer event with Mohawk Paper and Glantz Design. A participant had to call in so we photoshopped them in.

Can you guess who it is?