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Installs To Inspire Your 2019 and Beyond


As we head into the end of January, you might be thinking – is this really another best of, round up or collection of 2018 lessons learned etc…? Not exactly.

Wide format printing and environmental branding continue to make a large impact on office, retail environments, education, and a many other industries. We’re lucky to work with so many creative companies, designers, and forward-thinking creative professionals. There are so many installations that  (and already got the wheels turning for 2019). Full disclosure – these are curated from the Cushing client project library. They inspired us to put together a collection, including creative and cool installations that came through the shop in 2018. Hope you enjoy!

You can literally brand just about anywhere these days.

Side View of Slaack Productions Stall Graphics

This project proves just that.

Print graphics made a big impact in Goose Island.

Goose Island Wall Graphics

And inspired an event at Design Museum of Chicago.

A custom gradient makes for very creative (and functional) privacy film

Installs To Inspire Your 2019 and Beyond 1 Conference Room Privacy Film 1

So interesting to see how functionality and unique design come together.

What a fun way to inspire students…

Hallway Mural at Hille Middle School

This panoramic sends such a great message to students.

Speaking of schools, check out these stair graphics at Prospect High School 

Educational Stair Graphics at High School

Creative, educational and what a way to brighten a staircase!

Cushing completed a similar project with the Chicago Literacy Alliance a couple of years ago. 

Up Up and Away

Interior Construction Graphics at Midway

Walking through airports, I always wonder who puts these types of graphics up – turns out Cushing had the chance!

To Infinity and Your School Hallway

Outerspace Wall Graphic in Middle School

Such an interesting way to get students engaged, and thinking about science.

While this is our first round up of installs, we’re hoping it won’t be the last. What are ideas you would like to see in the next one?

Thanks for reading!

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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