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It Came from the Canon

From the Flatbed

In September, we unveiled a new blog series called From the Flatbed. It provides a quick overview on projects, what’s happening around Cushing, our amazing team members and so much more. We hope you’ll keep browsing and we’ll keep bringing you the latest on developments around the office and beyond.

It Pays to Discover

We recently printed and installed wall graphics at the Discovery USA Merchandise Mart office. After some coaxing, their wall décor team got together for a photo!

Discovery USA Team shot


There Goes the Neighborhood

What a treat to work with local artist, Kate McQuillen, on Night House, a very unique project in the Oak Park neighborhood. Part of a larger effort called The Terrain Biennial, artists have an opportunity to bring art to front yards of neighborhoods all over the world.

It Came from the Canon 2 Gallery House Graphics Printed at Latitude1

Gone Printing (Oops… Fishing!)

Congratulations to John Sherkey (son of Cushing’s Business Development Director, Mike Sherkey). He caught a 38.5” Muskie (TOP FIVE of the largest fish caught!!!) in a Youth tournament in Hayward, Wisconsin with 70+ kids. That is a slimy muskie by the way, and the “best kind” according to Mike. While edible, they are more of a trophy fish.

It Came from the Canon 3 YMH 2015 John Sherkey


Lunch is Served

Johnson Lasky Kindelin Architects had the Cushing team in for a Lunch & Learn – we’re always whetting appetites with wall coverings! Your team can earn a continuing education unit at Cushing or we can bring the class to your office. Let us know if you’d like to schedule a course!

It Came from the Canon 4 Johnson Lasky Kindelin Answering Questions


Say Nope to the Billy Goat

Just like any Chicago business, there’s a mix of staff who root for the South Siders and the Cubbies. So of course, with the Cubs fighting for the wild card (and moving onto the division series – woo hoo!) we snapped a photo. No doubt, it’s the good luck charm that got them the win! Well, that and Jake Arrieta pitching lights out!


Thanks for reading and we’re looking forward to bringing you the next installment. Any questions or comments? Feel free to drop them in the comments box.

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