The MAeX Method

Managing ALL Your Expectations for a Successful Project

What is the Method?

MAeX Means:
Managing all Your Expectations.

From coordinating points of contact to scheduling the best time to complete a project, we developed the MAeX method to ensure your work is completed on-time and with minimal issues. There are a lot of passionate and creative problem solvers at Cushing. They ask questions to identify issues before they happen.

Streamlining Your Installation

There are many moving parts to a graphic installation. Communication is essential.

This install checklist keeps your project on the right track. Internally, your account manager and sales project manager complete the details.

“I really appreciated that Christine got on the phone with me right away to talk through my ideas. She seemed genuinely excited to help us with our project. It meant a lot to me to have somebody who felt more like a partner and really took initiative to see everything through.”
It's All in the Details!

Some things may seem mundane.

Aside from just getting the install address and contact information, there are details gather to keep your team on the same page. Do we have to order a special material? Do we need a lift for three people and some ladders? These are all important details and the MaEX Method helps us gather them all.

Having this information at the outset helps all phases of production. When our project managers have all the information organized – it saves time.

Which can mean a more efficient project for YOU!
Getting it Right

Treating your project with the upmost expertise.

We’ve learned from prepping and managing thousands of graphic installations.

“Cushing delivered on several fronts – they had the most competitive pricing out of all the vendors we researched, they exceeded our expectations on the final products for our office space design, and they had outstanding customer service throughout the process. I would highly recommend Cushing to any organization that’s looking for an outstanding product at a reasonable price.”
Amber Hacker from IFYC
A Method to Make You Happy

We want you confident and ready for your install.

Gathering details at the outset gets your project on track – and let’s you focus on your team and final results.

We're Ready to Guide You

Worried about the steps to a successful installation? Don’t be. With thousands of commercial installations completed over the last decade, we’re ready to exceed your expectations. Let’s discuss how the MAeX Method is the right fit for your project goals.

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