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Make Your Point

Chances are you have encountered, interacted with or noticed some form of point of purchase display out and about in Chicago – or really any region in the United States.

An amazing stat?  Over 70% of consumers decide to make a purchase AFTER arriving to a store.

I had to read that one twice.

With colder days ahead (don’t get mad at the messenger), you might be spending more days inside.  If you are thinking of POP and your potential customers, imagine yourself in their shoes.

You’ll want to create signage that promotes what you offer AND engage the shopper, event attendee or curious prospect.

Coupons and sales pitches are great but use the opportunity to create content they will remember.

Here some items you might be able to use and boost POP engagement.

Company History
Just about every organization started somewhere and has beginnings they can discuss. Why not highlight a couple of significant milestones on your POP signage. For example, the year you opened. Or when you introduced a new technology? Or opened your second, third and fourth locations. You get the idea.  Have historic images?  Incorporate them.

Team Members
Are your team members an extension of your brand? Tie this into your displays.  Candid images to formal head shots, associate your services with smiling faces.  Before the customer arrives at counter, this lends itself to a positive customer experience.

If you want to go beyond generic staff photos, create a company competition for the “best” or most creative head shot. Winning prizes? Company party, gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or simply their face plastered across POP in all stores!

Customer Quotes or Testimonials
Why not drop in customer proof that you have provided a positive customer experience or solved a problem? Having a name associated is more effective than an anonymous quote.

If you don’t have testimonials, run a contest and reward recipients who submit one with a gift card, free service or potentially a t-shirt.

Limit the quantity to create urgency AND don’t forget drop in a vanity or personalized URL to track.

Are there fun facts about your company? Create short snippets to complement your material. Be sure to juxtapose your special or promotion.

No matter your goals, POP presents a unique opportunity to interact with your potential customer. Try going beyond just specials and pricing to stir up sales and customer engagement.

Have you tried a different approach to your POP marketing? Tell us more about it below in the comments.

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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