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Matterport Scanning 1 MP AMR RGB black@2x

Accurate and immersive, Matterport’s 3D models are an effective tool for connecting people with spaces, allowing for enhanced collaboration and accelerated project management. Matterport digital twins make it easy to promote properties for sale or rent, plan construction projects or capture special places.
Buy, rent, or have Cushing scan your space with a Matterport Pro2 or Pro3 scanner!

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Host a Virtual Walk-Through

From homes to high-rises, one-room layouts to complicated floor plans, take any space online with any number of cameras—including your smartphone. Soon you will be creating and hosting virtual walk-throughs of your residential property, retail store, or commercial office

Matterport in 90 seconds

GET STARTED WITH MATTERPORT FOR FREE: https://go.matterport.com/signup MATTERPORT transforms the way you market and manage your properties, but what exactly does that mean for your business. MARKETING: Increase sales by 14%. Matterport digital twins have been proven to help widen your sales funnel, shorten the property’s time-on-market, and increase the time visitors spend on your website by 3x.

Virtual tours are dominating the modern business world and simplifying the ability to work remotely, while enhancing your ability to conduct on-site meetings, inspections or status reviews.  
With Cushing as Your Provider:
  • Hire us to perform your scanning and convert your model to a variety of 2D and 3D formats.
  • Rent a Matterport scanner in half-day increments and create your own 3D models.
  • Buy your Matterport scanner from us and start your project.
Matterport Pro2 and Pro3 scanners are available for rent or purchase!

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Owner, Construction, and Gaphics Teams Optimize communication using 3D scans


Matterport 3D Showcase.

SlooMoo 2

Matterport 3D Showcase.

SlooMoo 3

Matterport 3D Showcase.

Sloomoo Institute
In this fast-tracked River North project, interactive 3D scans allowed stakeholders to explore the space virtually, from across the country, coordinate with the boots on the ground, and save thousands of dollars in changes and travel expenses.
  • Contractors coordinate with mechanical design team in real time, and are able to locate outlets that had been covered by drywall inadvertently, saving thousands.
  • NYC-based owners were able to work with our graphic imaging team virtually to approve placement of wall graphics and signage in their new Chicago location. The design team was able to hold meetings with the construction team REMOTELY!
  • Cushing’s 3D scans of Sloomoo’s finished space allowed the owner to do a walk through remotely, 48 hours prior to the Grand Opening, saving an extra day of travel!

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Real Estate Scanning Solutions
Matterport scans have been an invaluable, time-saving tool in the real estate industry for years! 
Residential Real Estate

Whether you’re a real estate agent, a broker or a property manager, Matterport’s 3D virtual tours can increase commissions, reach a wider audience and close on properties faster.

Commercial Real Estate

By giving businesses the most accurate view of their potential workspace, 3D digital twins draw increased engagements online and create efficiency in the search and viewing process, saving your clients time and money.

Matterport Digital Assets in AEC

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions
3D scan-to-CAD or Scan-to-Revit for adaptive re-use projects: 
Matterport's Integration wih Autodesk Construction Cloud

Introducing Matterport’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).

Project teams can send Matterport add-ons such as BIM Files directly to ACC and collaborate more efficiently with visual site context from Matterport digital twins.
Now, an Autodesk RFI (request for information) pin can be placed at the exact area of concern, allowing any stakeholder on the project to view the RFI within the same site context–expediting coordination and reducing misunderstandings. 

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Experience Matterport: Cushing Scans Guaranteed Rate Field


Cushing is the FIRST outside supplier in Chicago to distribute Matterport scanners.  We can help train and work with your employees, provide boots-on-the-ground support for your team, and back you up with rental units or on-site scanning to assist you in meeting the needs of your client/owner.   

Retail Solutions

Capturing immersive 3D models of in-store layouts and displays enables retailers to quickly and easily plan, implement and manage brand, floor layouts and merchandising across locations.

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Travel & Hospitality

From vacation rentals to hotels and event spaces, you can elevate the promotion of your business with 3D tours that boost engagement, increase bookings and drive higher occupancy rates.

Matterport Digital Twin Long Term Value

Insurance & Restoration Solutions
Insurance carriers, claims adjusters, restoration companies or property owners can save time, cut costs and close on claims faster utilizing Matterport’s accurate, transparent and fair documentation and valuations.

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Public Sector

3D scanning is the most efficient, effective method to survey existing schools, government buildings, utilities and other critical infrastructure spaces for digital inventory, promoting and planning, and facility management.

Use 3D scanning to quickly and accurately capture the existing conditions of a building.

Accurately and completely document existing conditions of a facility prior to the start of any renovation project.


No More Closeout Headaches

Provide a super deliverable to your owner and get paid fast without stress and frustration

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Additional Options for 3D Scanning
In addition to Matterport services, Cushing also provides Trimble 3D laser scanning services – with a history of successful stories providing swift, highly accurate LiDAR scans for our clients undergoing adaptive re-use projects, renovations and Digital Close outs 
Whether it’s with our Matterport or Trimble technologies, Cushing can provide scan conversions for AutoCAD, Revit, or a variety of other design applications that will help you capture existing conditions better and faster than ever – all with  photo walk-through to accompany your BIM Model or CAD file 

Trimble 3D Laser Scanning

From the Experts
Kevin O’Keefe is an owner/operator of NAPCO,  a construction Management information consulting business with 4+ years’ experience in providing 3D Forensics of construction progress, close out, and post catastrophe visual recording services.

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