Mounting & Finishing  

You’re project is streaming toward the finish line. How do you wrap it up like a pro? A fantastic final touch: quality finishing.

Cushing offers a wide variety of mounting and finishing options to complete and protect all of your print projects.

  • Laminate that POP display to protect against damage in store.
  • Encapsulate that trade show graphic for a dynamic finishing touch
  • Protect your cherished original piece against fading or tearing.
  • Go beyond your best at the next presentation.
  • Mount your artwork before framing it to maintain the smooth flat finish

Our expert team has you covered.

How's it Hanging?

We can mount your project at just about any size image, from exterior signs to court documents and photos.  Explore substrates such as foam core, gator board, masonite, aluminum, sintra or styrene.

Foam core: Available in both black or white, probably our most popular, inexpensive material for mounting semi-permanent presentation materials

Gator board: Very rigid foam board that’s lightweight  1/2″ to 3/16″

Crescent board: 3 and 2 ply rigid cotton based cardboard material (recyclable)

High-end material is rigid and adds weight lasts long

Flexible poly materials can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses

Fluted plastic material ideal for outdoor signs mounted in step-stakes

Falcon Board (Enviroboard)
A highly rigid recycled cotton ½” thick material great for exhibits, light weight, holds its rigidity, environmentally friendly

Make it Stand Out

Cushing can mount your image to virtually any flat medium. We stock a wide selection of substrates and can laminate any image up to five feet wide, in matte, glossy and luster finishes.  Ultraviolet inhibitors reduce fading.  We do everything we can to protect your final product.

“Cushing always goes the extra mile to print, mount, and just take care of us in general for our untimely/urgent requests! Cushing definitely takes care of their customers!”
Back it Up

Back Framing
Ideal for interior spaces.  Use back framing for thinner materials helps to prevent “bowing” similar to wood warping and keep your finished piece out from behind a glass frame.

French Cleats
 A popular option because it sits close to the wall for a raised effect.  There needs to be a receiving cleat and it’s typically 3/4″ off the wall. Once up, you don’t have to worry about it shifting left or right.

Picture Hanger Wire
Don’t want to deal with an installer? This option is as easy as putting a screw in the wall. If it’s a larger print, consider using two hangers

Acrylic Standoffs
Make a lasting effect with acrylic facing and decorative brushed metal (or a variety of choices) standoffs.  These are extremely popular in corporate, hospitality or retail settings.   Different options with white frosted edging create a wonderfully impressive effect, set off by your lighting.

Contour cutouts
Our precise die cutting machine cuts  tricky pieces with a clean finish. Whether a promotional item, stand out or puzzle piece, we can cut it (as long as the file is set up correctly! Speak with a consultant if you have any questions). The thickest we cut is about an 1″ but if you have a challenging size or special request, we are happy to try and cut a sample for you.


Almost at the Finish Line

Custom Shipping Crates
Imagine a box inside an even sturdier box, with an extra inch around the packaging; project protection at its finest. Need a crate for a local Chicagoland delivery? These are custom made, depending on size and specifications.

Dowel Roads
This option is ideal for banner signage outside. The dowel rod prevents signage from being wavy and blowing in the wind.

Edge framing: Plastic Edge framing is used to finish photos. Colors are typically black and white, but also available in silver, gold, blue and other colors. 1/4″ is the standard size, but we also offer 1/2″ if you need it.

Easels are placed at the back of your printed piece to prop it up and come in various sizes. Great for point of purchase marketing and event signage. Usually 7 to 15″ inches but we have easels as large as 48″ inches. We will also custom make your easels up to six feet tall.

Our encapsulation service uses heat activation to provide clear front and back protection to your paper images (think sandwiching). Whether your print is a menu or a valuable poster hanging on the wall — if someone walks by and touches it you can easily wipe off those pesky fingerprints! This is a good option for protecting outdoor signage since it prevents seepage with a standard 1/8″ or a 1/4″ lip. We offer:

  • 5 mil satin
  • 5 mil gloss
  • 3mil matte, luster and gloss
  • 10 mil matte, luster and gloss
  • Deep Crystal: great application for the sun and outdoor signage


“No matter how many times I contacted Cushing at the last minute for a ton of plans and specs that I needed done the next day and delivered, Cushing has always been there to save the day. I tell everyone how great Cushing is and I will continue to have great things to say about Cushing.    ”
You've Been Framed!

Display your project in the frame of your choice for a clean, professional look.

We have a variety of profiles to choose from to meet any of your framing needs.

How May We Help You?

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your projects, from framing to shipping, we have you covered. Questions about this process for your project? We’d love to hear from you!

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