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Our 132 Words

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Last spring while visiting my nephews’ school for their annual open house, I was taking the usual tour down hallways lined with construction paper and Elmer’s glue masterpieces (sound familiar?).

Breezing by the classrooms, you could catch a glimpse of the hectic fun & games that come with elementary school activities.  One room in particular caught my attention:  a video slideshow was playing which had pulled together quite a crowd and had the children stirring.  The teacher had compiled pictures and video of the entire fifth grade doing their own version of Good Morning America’s My Three Words.

Although I only knew one child in the entire video (and there was no Josh Elliott or Robin Roberts), I was captivated by the humor, creativity and kindness these children expressed through their own three words. The experience left me feeling I truly knew these kids and gave me a thought.

This might be fun to do with the people I sit next to almost every day.

Last summer, we launched our own version of My Three Words at Cushing. On a weekly basis, we feature a new employee, their words of wisdom, post them to the company bulletin board and distribute to staff over email.  Of course, the next step is sharing the terrific terms through Facebook (and Twitter!).

It’s amazing what we have learned about each other (all PG, we assure you):

Who is the youngest of six
Who overcame dyslexia
Who is a resident Disney fan
Who is a first time aunt
Who was a cheerleader in high school (Jorge Galvan)

The list goes on and on and on.

Along the way, a few hidden talents have been discovered and we even learned a few new words.  It’s been a lot of fun; we’ve learned so much about each other and are only half way through!  There’s still so much more to learn so keep an eye on our Facebook page!

Personally, I know my three words quickly changed from “due in January” to “It’s a BOY!!!!”

What are Your Three Words ?

Jon Davis

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