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Pick and Roll to a Great Project

The calendar shows March but we’re dreaming of April. Spring break, opening day, that favorite patio spot; all things to expect once spring rolls around.March-Madness-2014

My unofficial start of spring, and more than 50 million American’s might agree, is March Madness (or spending lunch hour figuring out which team has the best chance to win it all.) March Madness consists of a field of 68 teams, playing in a single elimination bracket style tournament, vying for a chance to win the NCAA Basketball Championship.

Maybe you’re like me and do in-depth research until your head hurts. Or take a very scientific approach and pick teams based on jersey colors, favorite mascots or the cuter coach.

Pick and Roll to a Great Project 1 Bracket 300x200

A pen on top of an blank March Madness tournament bracket

Warmer weather is on the horizon but we still have work to do. This got me thinking: how does March Madness compare to “madness” in the workplace.

Selection Sunday & Brainstorming  Selection Sunday the field is narrowed down to a select few that deserve a spot. When planning a project, brainstorming narrows down a wide                                                                        range of ideas and some eventually are left out.

Churn out a hundred ideas and many hit the cutting room floor. After narrowing down the field, you might celebrate like Nebraska did for earning their first bid since 1998.

First and Second Round vs Rough Drafts Teams have made the field and those who advance have proven themselves worthy of the final prize. You have your Arizona’s and Florida’s, but you’re still thinking about that North Dakota State team, my sleeper pick!

Rough drafts are used to see which ideas and concepts make the final project cut. This may also be the phase you are collaborating (or arguing) on messaging and layout with your graphic designer.

Regional and Quarter finals vs Compiling your final draft – Cream is rising to the top (hey, I just had my coffee) and there may be – almost always – a few upsets. Some may remember this gem when Bryce Drew sent #4 Ole Miss packing with one of the best buzzer beaters in tournament history.

When finalizing projects, focus on the best ideas and take some risks – a new idea could be an emerging underdog to provide a slight edge.Bracket

Final 4 versus Final Revisions The final four teams have made it this far to leave it all on the line for a shot at glory!

Meanwhile, you are revising final drafts, perfecting finishing touches and ready to pitch your project with pride and enthusiasm. No fouls being called on this work!

Championship Game Equals Final Project The best team of the tournament is crowned Champion. Enduring adversity and playing to strengths, the collective team effort came out on top.

You and your team toiled through late nights, constant changes and too much caffeine and bad pizza. Final designs and files are the pinnacle of team work. It’s time to submit print ready material to polish the Championship presentation.

At Cushing, we print just about everything from brochures to banners, signage to wall graphics, and everything in between to make that presentation stand out.

Are there moments during office life that compare to your favorite sport or seasonal rite of passage? Tell us about it in the comments.

Tom Cradick

Tom Cradick was born and raised in Chicago and a proud member of Cushing. One of Cushing’s On-Site Service Center Managers,  his primary responsibilities include maintaining several different types of printing equipment, coordinating large print orders, helping clients with daily print concerns and making sure the clients at his location remain happy. As an employee of Cushing for nearly 9 years, Tom‘s role is continuously expanding and recently, he has contributed to the company blog.

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