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Karen Powell Studios

Portrait of the Artist Searching for a Printer

When Karen Powell contacted Cushing, she had a specific need to create more affordable versions of her artwork. Traditionally, the fine artist sold original versions of her work directly to collectors. With sights set on reaching a wider audience, Powell sought a print partner to create high-quality, lower-priced options of her artwork to be sold at a higher volume.

Why Giclée?

Giclee printing is technology used in the world of fine art or photograph reproduction (among other creative industries). This method incorporates a high-quality inkjet printer that duplicates individual copies of an artist’s work or photograph with great detail and accuracy.

Powell had researched the technical details of the giclée printing process and determined this would help her business reach a larger client base. While a more cost-effective printing option, it would not sacrifice quality.

With a goal of selling less expensive versions of her work to customers through a renovated eCommerce website, she began researching giclée printing services in Chicago.

Choosing The Right Giclee Printer

Powell visited Cushing’s River North office, toured the plant and met with a fine arts specialist. She had several questions:

  • Would she receive ongoing, personalized support from her account manager?
  • How closely could the colors and textures of artwork be matched in a reproduction?
  • What type of paper would be most suitable to this type of printing?
  • Would Cushing be able to meet the print volume needs of her growing business?
  • Would staff understand the intricacies of fine artist needs?
  • Most importantly, how much would it cost?
Fine Art by Chicago Artist Karen Powell


Cushing addressed all of these questions and became the logical fit for several reasons:

  • Price point
  • Ability to deliver timely quality prints
  • Overall plant capabilities

Featuring a number of flatbed and inkjet printers, scanning technology and staff that understood her requirements, Powell chose Cushing to assist with the re-launch of her online business.

So, you’re not looking for a price quote just yet, but you have a quick question about our fine art printing services. We understand if you’re in hurry. Contact one of our consultants now for quick, personalized assistance.