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A modern and stylish indoor cycling center pulls together their brand experience with immersive graphics.

Account Manager: Matthew Cushing
Customer Service Heroes: Rachel Batman, John Nelson, Jessica Alessi Kim
Project Manager: Julia Kaufman
Writer and Photography: Jon Davis

Let's Get Cyclical

CYCMODE opened this summer and is a first-of-its-kind fitness experience in Chicago’s South Loop (located at 1333 S. Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605.) The fully-immersive group indoor cycling studio is powered by a crew of amazing instructors, the most innovative indoor cycling technology on the market, and workouts that get athletes to leave their mark: one-ride-at-a-time.

Beyond Biking

What sets CYCMODE apart?

THE TRIP, a fully immersive indoor cycling experience which combines a multi-peak workout with a journey through digital-created worlds on a 40-foot-wide curved projection screen.

Riders follow their virtual journey training on REALRYDER INDOOR CYCLES – they allow riders to lean, turn, steer and balance through three planes of motion – inside the studio!

Full Spin Ahead

The founder? Tasha White is a human resources and diversity thought leader that decided to leave the corporate world after two decades.

A former collegiate track and field athlete, “indoor cycling literally changed my life,” she says.

Indoor cycling became an entrepreneurial passion and CYCMODE was born.

Spin Cycle

To complete the immersive experience, we’ve come full circle. Cushing provided a mix of services: graphics to enhance the studio environment, business cards to spread the word & branded water bottles with decal stickers. Let’s cycle through the elements of the project.

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More Than a Storefront

Storefront window graphics beam with color, unique shapes, and the power of the CYCMODE experience. The storefront is a powerful advertisement, with vinyl cut lettering listing how CYCMODE differentiates from competitors.

Pedal past the window signage and its easy to see why foot traffic is up.

Storefront window signage definitely stops traffic, people passing by and encourages potential customers to visit us.”
Great Reception

Enter the reception area and a custom cut dimensional CYCMODE logo dominates by the front door. Sleek and modern, the custom letters impress guests and new customers.

It rests upon a wall graphic that features cyclists, designed by former Nike graphic artist, Jessica Davis.

A Ride Inside

The graphic grabs attention and is a step inside the CYCMODE experience: the cyclist leans, turns, steers and balances (just like you would during a class!). The custom wall graphic speaks to all experience levels, from starting a fitness plan, to those aiming for new fitness goals.

Indeed, just like the studio tagline: Indoor Cycling Just Got Real.

Interactive Visual

Vinyl Cut lettering appears throughout the space. Not only does it denote restrooms, and help with general wayfinding, it serves a special (and interactive purpose).  Guests share (in chalk) their experience. A custom cut graphic of the CYCMODE logo and tagline asks: What’s Your Mode?

Look closely and you can see positive notes, written by enthusiastic customers, on the wall!

A Studio That Inspires

Rows of bikes line the savvy studio, each branded with a vinyl CYCMODE logo. Wall graphics frame an enormous video screen. When the music starts and the doors close, clients are treated to a fitness experience that encourages them to exceed fitness goals.

This is not your traditional fitness space.

“Everyone is pleased about the modern look of the studio, which includes the print and graphics work Cushing provided.”
Planned Brand

Before and after classes, clients have access to lockers for personal items. Each unit is labeled with vinyl numbers to avoid confusion, including storage for instructors. It’s another facet of the well-planned CYCMODE brand experience, but does not end there.

During any workout, you need to stay hydrated, right?

Don’t Worry. Be Hydrated.
Where There’s a Will, There’s a Water Bottle. Custom branded ones!

CYCMODE water bottles are available for purchase (and an effective way to be sure clients don’t forget a brand name!) Immersive, powerful, and strategic, the CYCMODE experience combines graphics with innovative technology to please clientele and create an unforgettable branded environment.

The Right Cycle

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