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Have you seen the Paintbrush Wall?

More About Marwen

Providing free, arts-based youth development programs for under-served Chicago students, Marwen hosts the Paintbrush Ball each spring to raise funds and showcase student works.


Cushing transformed artwork created by Marwen students into a large, 8′ x 24′ mural. This served as the centerpiece of a fundraising event with a very interesting twist. The mural was covered with hundreds of Post-It tabs!

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Marwen was seeking an interactive element to support their fundraiser. During the course of the event, Post-it tabs that were removed by guests. Why?  Throughout the evening tabs were removed as part of a raffle to reveal the full artwork on display.  Fun, entertaining and generating curiosity, this built pleasant anticipation for all guests!

“Cushing not only helped us envision how the piece would come together — a creative feat alone — but came up with a plan for installing it, too. They even delivered it and helped our team set it up! ...Cushing has always been a wonderful friend to Marwen, but this went above and beyond.”

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