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NBA All-Star Game Graphics

Graphics Comes Together with the Expertise of our All-Star Team
Account Manager and Photography: Christine Fetting

Project Managers: Renee Castro, Conor Harmon & Anjelica Garcia
Operator Team: General Support and Fulfillment
Writer: Jon Davis

Video Project Summary

NBA All-Star Game Graphics

Cushing project managed and installed all types of signage and graphics

It does not matter the team you root for or the sport you follow, there is just something special about an all-star game. How often do you see the most talented players get together for an exhibition? While we did not score courtside seats, we project-managed graphics for the 2020 NBA All-Star Game.

United We Stand

The annual contest was hosted at the United Center, an indoor arena on the west side of Chicago.

Extension of the Team

No, we did not wear jerseys, and would have been proud to be benchwarmers, but our team played a vital role. From print to onsite coordination, Cushing managed much of the process. In fact, we handled it from start to finish line (oops, wrong sport.) with a great partner.

Plans came together with the NBA’s creative firm before final designs were completed. Discussions centered around the timeline and coordinating a myriad of moving parts. 

Exterior Banners Installed Outside the United Center

The trickiest part of this installation was the weather.

It was Mid-February in the windy city, so we had to pick days that were closest to 40 degrees. Why? Some adhesive vinyls and films can vary on ideal install temperature. Most recommend 40 degrees or above because the glue cannot activate (think about a glue gun.) Adhesive is more pliable at warmer temperatures.

So, what was the game plan? Keep an eye on the thermostat.

The project team would pivot at any sign of “warmer” weather, stepping away part of the installation where temperature. Since it was not clear know when we would have another day that was above 20 degrees within the week we had to install.


 Once 7:00 a.m. rolled around the he morning after the event, we had 24 hours to take all graphics down. Our team handled removal too!

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Approach the Wintrust Area last February and and you were met with stunning window signage.

Window Signage Installed at United Center

Featuring stars such as LeBron James, graphics made a powerful statement. No air balls here!

Alley Oop

Keeping the discussion on window signage, check out this section of the installation. Players span several windowpanes. Look closer and you may be wondering: how did the graphics line up so well? It’s our secret. Just kidding. Every project has twists and turns.

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Part of the project involved the installation of these branded construction fence banners outside the United Center.

Construction Fence Banners Installed for the NBA All-Star Game

He Troubleshoots. He Scores!

The original material spec’d for the glass exterior windows did not fit the budget. It needed to be white, but translucent enough to display color on the other side of the window.

So, we tapped our network of vendors and invested in a roll of Glass Apeel. It worked perfectly. We had the same issue with the material for the interior steps of the arena.

Since that was a high-traffic area, it required a couple rounds of testing, but we sourced General Formulations, a durable material for textured surfaces.

Pillar Graphics Installed to Concrete in United Center
That's a Wrap

Yes, as in concrete pillars wrapped in vinyl graphics.

A challenging part of the overall project, it proves you can brand anywhere. We used General Formulations – GF Concept 285 RoughMark White. A heat gun played a key role in most graphic applications throughout the United Center.

No brick shots here!


(fun fact: a brick is a hot attempt that hits a basketball rim and bounces off without hitting the backboard or going in the basket.) Thanks Wikipedia!

We did apply vinyl to the bricks you see in this image. The results are textured wall graphics that have a dimensional element. Interested is this substrate for your installation? We used: 3MLX480 Envision Wrap Film for Rough Surfaces.

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To keep transportation in check, we printed these custom tabbed books. It had all the schedule details for teams and personnel.
By The Numbers


Over 500 Graphic Applications Installed
Over 5,000 Square Feet of Substrates Used
Thousands of Happy Spectators


Slam Dunk!

We are ready to work with your team of all-stars. Tell us more about your project needs and we will do our best to help!

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